FREY EX-FAT: new fat tire e-bike 1500w on sale now

    The Original Intro Web: Frey EX FAT Intro: 1500W Full-Suspension Fat Tire E-bike for Your Hunting& Fishing Tour Frey has released a new bike model named Frey EX-FAT, the fat tire version of Frey EX Pro, which is based on the outlook and premium performance of the EX Pro, it is even more to meet...
  2. Vitus goes Bafang with the new 2024 Vitus E-Mythique LT

    Vitus goes Bafang with the new 2024 Vitus E-Mythique LT

    "The two most important things about an emtb is a low price and serviceable motor..." I'm sure someone once said. If you agree, the new Vitus E-Mythique LT might be perfect for you. But that's not all that's compelling about this bike. 2024 Vitus E-Mythique LT Is it just me or is it difficult...
  3. C

    My Lightcarbon LCE930 build with Bafang M820

    Hey guys, Good news, today my frame was painted: I have to pay the second half, and than it will be shipped. Here, I will post any updates regarding the build.
  4. Dado

    K1 Flash - set CAN motor parameters, Firmware flash and Calibration & K1 Black Box 3

    Dear Bafang fans Would you like to set or tune motor controller parameters? K1 Flash is compatible with all Bafang CAN bus motors (5 pin connector with "house" shape). Also can download motor firmware for M500, M510 and M600 motors and run Calibration. Simple as 1, 2 ,3 ... 1. Insert...
  5. B

    Mainstream or alternative

    Hi all, I am about to purchase my first dual suspension ebike and have gotten myself completely confused about what I will buy. Below is my criteria. $6500 budget, this is strict. Under is fine, but it's my upper limit. I'm in Australia so shipping and availability must be considered. I...
  6. Drako24


    Hello everyone, my name is Jakub, I am 42 years old and I come from Poland. Thank you for accepting me into the forum.;)
  7. Drako24

    Display DP C11 uart -Speed unlock

    Hello I have a bafang DP C11 display. uart. how to unlock this speedometer?. I have besst tools 1.2.18 but I can only read HMI data. no changes possible.
  8. M

    Bafang BBSHD on 2016 Giant Glory 2 -- 800 Miles So Far

    Hey guys, I'm retiring this build soon but I wanted to archive it on this forum and answer any questions anyone might have. I'd love to help you on anything if you're trying to do something similar. This is a 2016 Giant Glory 2 (Large) with a Bafang BBSHD 1000w mid motor. Pictures: Google...
  9. BonBond


    The E22 FRAME THREAD is amazing, nice people and a font of knowledge....but it's huge and unwieldy now. So, in an attempt to make specific information more accessible, I'm starting a new thread here (or a sub thread?), with links to the historical battery chat within the E22 Frame Thread...
  10. C

    Repairability of M500 and M510

    Hey guys, I started my E-bike journey last month, when I converted my commuter bike with TSDD2 motor. I got the itch and now I am thinking about EMTB as well. Suddenly hills on the normal MTB became more tiering they were before. :D Anyway, I started checking bikes and this forum, but I...
  11. Neeko DeVinchi

    Dengfu E22 Frame Thread

    Decided to pick up one of these frames sets after receiving many enquiries through Instagram, EMTB Forums, EBR, etc. Hopefully, this thread will be of use to anyone who is considering buying/building up one. FULL DISCLAIMER It was through Carbon Cycles on Ebay which I picked one up for the...
  12. C

    Tell me what you think of my DIY BBSHD build

    Tell me what you think. If you do quote the topic please edit out the images and extra text. I was a bit loose with my spending and didn't include all my odds-and-ins when building. I am in the market for an OEM ebike, probably a Rocky Mountain Altitude or something with a Bosch drive unit...
  13. RandoManz

    Unanswered Bike uses Bafang M600 - Potential Upgrades?

    Hello, I’m looking at a bike that uses a Bafang M600 motor. I’m wondering what upgrades can be made to the bike. It seems like a throttle could be installed, as well...
  14. E

    Dengfu E05 - Bafang M600 Build

    Folks from USA can’t get the E10, so I thought my next best option is the E05. I pulled the trigger mid-July and got the frame and the rest of the stuff 5-6 weeks later. I like the look of UD carbon fiber, so I thought I’d leave it but when I saw it, it’s apparent it needed some cover. Heard...
  15. Biktrix Monte Capro - A Short Travel Bafang M400 EMTB

    Biktrix Monte Capro - A Short Travel Bafang M400 EMTB

    The prototype to the famous Juggernaut, The Monte Capro is a short travel bafang m400 emtb which is capable of 'more than meets the eye'.Sadly discontinued b...
  16. M

    Fit 11-Speed MTB cassette to Bafang BFSWX02 rear hub motor?

    Does anyone know if an 11-Speed MTB cassette (Shimano SLX / M7000) will fit on a Bafang BFSWX02 (G020.500.DC) rear hub, without the chain touching the Bafang motor body when in the lowest gear? I know an 11-Speed cassette fits on a standard 8/9/10 speed freehub and that is the type of freehub...
  17. Remington MX Pro - Hardtail Bafang M400 EMTB⚡

    Remington MX Pro - Hardtail Bafang M400 EMTB⚡

    its been a while since I've swung a leg over this emtb. The Remington MX Pro was an ebike which you could purchase through either Amazon or Ebay for an amazi...
  18. #Bafang - Tyres and Drivetrain - Let the downhill laps begin ?

    #Bafang - Tyres and Drivetrain - Let the downhill laps begin ?

    Continuing our exploits to make this bike as capable as possible, I've upgraded the drivetrain to a Shimano Deore and most importantly, swapped out the tyres...
  19. #Bafang - Let the Upgrades begin with the Bafang Max Drive M400 trail bike build ?

    #Bafang - Let the Upgrades begin with the Bafang Max Drive M400 trail bike build ?

    As the old saying goes, 'start from the front and work your way backwards'. The new fork has really changed the bike. Tyres I feel will be the next upgrade so stay tuned for further developments. Yew!! ?
  20. New Project - Bafang M400 trail bike ?

    New Project - Bafang M400 trail bike ?

    Apologies if you were expecting the third installment of my Bafang Ultra motor emtb's. Don't worry, you'll see them soon. However, I wanted to swing a leg ov...