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No worries. Seeing how far it's shifted (on an XL) gives me an idea of how much clearance I'm probably looking for. Phill
Re. Fox Float DPX2 fitting the Jam2 with the TEC pack.

I've already fitted a Float DPX2 to my Jam2 (really happy with it) and need a TEC for longer days now. I was considering changing to a DPS or even a CaneCreek Double Barrel to work with the TEC pack but if your solution works by drilling a couple of extra holes, I'm very interested! Could you send some pics if you don't mind.
Phill B.
I can post you a picture of it later tonight. I've seen somebody else already posted a picture of his modificationthis afternoon.
I honestly don't know if it will work with smaller frames.
Hi there Renedis, you are from the netherlands to, and I saw you where also thinking of the Decoy and Ekano. Have you ever tested one and how do you think these sort of bikes wil perform on dutch trales?
Thank you and Greetings Adrian.
Nice post on changing shifters.Thanks
Hi Al, do you happen to know any ebike battery hire options in the Bay area ?, specifically a Shimano E8010 (for a 2019 Merida e160 900e) that I want to bring to the US (from Australia) so I can take the bike on a trip there later this year. I posted a "battery shipping" query under general mtb forums and someone recommended asking you the above question. Thanks
Russ, I just completed a Focus Frame swap (carbon frame warranty). While I took a bunch of pics before I took thing apart I did not take enough of the wiring harness and cable routing. I struggled to get things back in and the braided harness did not want go where I was forcing it to go. I was hoping to talk to someone that's done this before. Would you have the time? [email protected]
Is this battery still available? Does it come with cable to attach to bike? Can it be charged? Is only issue the bottom plastic case and rail?
Owner of Two-2 Levo's 2019
Hi rob what you think to the levo comp carbon 2019 found 1 at £4300 that a good price
Hy Bryan, I'm interesting to restrict my Kenovo 2020. Need just small amount of more speed. Regards, Harri
Hi Mark its a bout a 5 hour drive but i could sort something out with you cost wise
Where are you based fella - interested in your hoops that are for sale..
Newport Pagnell near MK but also in Abingdon about once a week
having been sitting in the fence for a good while over the E bike MTB revolution I finally committed to santa coming early this year. So after spending alot of time on U-Tube and other sites weighing up pros and cons on bikes and my budget I decided to purchase the Levo 2020. Rob only seems to have good things to say about this bike. I am 50 but fit with MX and MTB back ground looking for ride outs in the area.
Hi Paul - I've just bought a new 2019 Levo and saw one of your posts inferring that delimiting via. software adjustment is still possible.. can you point me in the right direction with this, cheers. Paul S. [email protected]
Paul Mac
Paul Mac
This is very dealer dependent, and I can see your in OZ.
Only the early ones could be software derestricted.
If I was you I would look at the mechanical derestricter that is on this forum.
Thanks for your reply.
I decided to purchase the LSS mechanical delimiter as suggested, my only concern was the limited speed of still ~38kph, but I'm sure it will be plenty and still safer for the bike than any electronic 'chip' solution.
Hi Thomas, I'm asking the same question you were asked by Gatano almost a year ago now. Do you know the newer software delimiter procedure for the newer 2019/20 model Levos? Or can you point me in the right direction, thanks.
Hi Gareth you could leave your van up where I am living and go over to Afan, climb up to a trail called SideWinder then Dead Sheep Gulley then over to Widow Maker that drops down to Afan Argoed Country park, have you ever been there ? Then go up to a trail called The Wall. Depends if you want trails or forestry roads. I dont mind either.
Just bought my first Levo and I must say I’m pretty pumped about it
Is this private message ? in fluorinated hydrocarbons?
hi, can you tell me if the levo has been derestricted or if it's even possible to do so?..thanks
Recently retired. Have lived/worked in Norway for 20 years.
I began cycling to work every day on arriving here.
Started with MTBing on a second hand Gekko hardtail when on a 2 year study in Rauland, Telemark.., by that time fully 'Norske Vinter' acclimatised.
10 days hospitalised after one ride. Helmet Lesson Learned!
Now electric, on a cool but 'scary camel like Bafang'ed' 2007 Whyte 46.
Where in Hants and what bike?
Gosport and it’s a base model levo
hallo NSFRANCING28 , as I also have a s-works and would like to install the AXS-Technologie , could you please let me know if you are using the original chainring or have you changed it ? Thanks
Hi Stephen, changed the front chain ring up two teeth. Could probably go more.
Just seen your name, are you actually a beekeeper? If so are there any good forums for beekeeping as I’m thinking of starting? Thanks
Was for about 5 years. It’s a great hobby which pays for itself if you sell the honey.
E7000 motor, display and controller. I figured out how to downgrade firmware on motor with pc and pce1 connection today. Thanks for helping
Hi there, I’m interested in a beta version if you can accommodate me please :)
There are no any betas available. You can buy the software at Google Play and Apple Store
Has anyone fitted the LSS to a YT Decoy Pro Race? The Pro Race has a DT Swiss axle, so I expect I'd need the LSS version for a Turbo Levo Expert (with DT Swiss wheels). I've changed the brakes and rotors on the Decoy to Magura, do you think the LSS will clip on, on will I need to purchase the Universal Brake Rotor mount available on the Shapeways web site?
Thanks in anticipation