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Thanks for the insight on the Rise, Rod - greatly appreciated.
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Rod B.
Rod B.
If you encounter any problems or have a question, shoot me a message and I'll help you out.
Salut Boostdave
Je vais visiter une maison entre Rodez et Millau ce mardi 9 Aout , pourrais je passer à ta convenance avec mon moteur pour une maj ? Ton prix sera mon prix. Bonne journée. Bastien.
Mon tél cela sera plus pratique : 06 66 64 92 71
I'm interested by a motor M510
What is the price with shipping in France ?
Hello there, I saw your post about the long shock kit on your Levo, I have ordered and just wanting to know what shock tune your running? The X2 I have is a compression medium and rebound medium. I see stock Levo tune is compression low 001 and rebound firm. Just wondering if you had your setup changed? Just after your feedback after running it for a while. Thanks in advance, regards
Bom dia casainho, I know you do not sell or built your display for 3rd parties.
Could you send me a part list, maybe the 3d printer file for the case to [email protected]. Last question. Is your display supporting the boost mode of the display?
Thanks and have a nice day, Martin
Hello there! I'm sorry to bother you. I wanted to know if you were able to solve the rattling problem? i have a 2022 levo pro with exactly the same problem
Hello there! I'm sorry to bother you. I wanted to know if you were able to solve the rattling problem? i have a 2022 levo pro with exactly the same problem
Hi! Please tell me what is your wheel width on the E10 front 29 and rear 27.5?
Quick question for you: On your kenevo sl, which 180mm fork are you running? single crown or dual? and when you go to a 65mm stroke on the rear, do you need to change anything or can you just throw it in there? Which shock are you running with 65mm stroke? (65 x 230 or 65 x 232.5?)
thanks in advance!!

Hey Mark, I’m runnings the Ohlins RXF38 Single crown fork. Rear I am running an Ohlins TTX air 230/65mm and is a straight swap in. Nothing needed but stock hardware.
No tire clearance issue or any fowling. Just be sure to check your chain length due to the slightly extra rear travel.
ok, sweet, so the eye to eye measurement is the same... I think a 180 up front with 177mm in the rear probably makes that bike rip! I'm running a 170mm lyrik with push coil conversion and a PUSH coil in the rear... and have it tuned with a Motion instruments telemetry kit.. and thinking going to the 180/177mm would be a nice upgrade!! Thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.
Oh the Motion kit. I have tried sourcing one of those here in Aus but no luck. Where did you get yours?
As for the extra travel, it’s not 100% needed but I have always run maximum possible travel in my bikes as it helps with my dodgy back. When it gets rough though I am always glad to have it.
Hi, I like the new red Levo. Could you please tell me which rear mudguard you have, and even send a link too :) Thank you!
Hi mate, if you are able to find any controllers please let me know. I would really appreciate it. Can pay via paypal or bank. All I want to do is go riding again 😩
Ok. I have an account with ebikeshopuk as the bike came from there. I’m on holiday in France this week so it may be Monday before I can order one. I’ll call to make sure they’re in stock then order one.
let me have a number to contact you.
I understand your frustration with them. !!
Hi, can you please link me to the 104BCD Spider that you found on Aliexpress for your E22? Thanks.
They are out of stock. I ordered one. Then the seller marked posted, on system. Then he contact me to say he cannot supply. Then I had a battle with aliexpress to get refund. They wouldnt refund, because the seller marked as posted. I had to call bank, and order a credit card charge back to recover money.

I gave up on aliexpress, and order one from christini bikes.
Wow, that's quite the hassle. Thanks for the tip! Will order from Christini
Hi. I have a question for you, I have an e7000 motor and a Shimano SC 5000 display. my goal is to move from Europe to the United States.
Since the SC 5000 has no Bluetooth connection, it wants to borrow the SC 7000 display from a friend, connect via the Android app and switch the zone. Then he wants to reconnect his SC 5000 you think that the zone change data will be saved in the controller.
I also have a question if I will be able to connect to the application with only the SC 7000 display itself without the afterburning mode shift lever. Additional question, where in the application can I find a place to change the zone or you can send a photo.
Best regards, David
Cześć jestem z Polski i z chęcią wymienię przemyśleniami na temat shimano sc5000, mam podobny problem z brakiem możliwości połączenia przez bt. Moim celem jest przestawienie strefy z Europa na USA 32km/h. Chcesz to podaj tel zadzwonię.
Rozgryzlem chyba wszystko :) Zmienilem obszar na US. Odcina mi wspomaganie w okolicach 32 km/h. Jak na razie jestem zachwycony. Wreszcie nie mecze sie na dojazdach do wlasciwej trasy. Eksperymentowale duzo i nakupilem troche klamotow ... :)
Привет! Катаешь на М500? Я уже три года катаю на М600. Что за рама у тебя?
Hi, what would be your price for the spare battery you have, shippment to France,


My friend,
about the EMTB carbon frame, so what's the price you can accept?
LCES004, which fit for motor Bafang M500 (250W)/ M600 (500w), battery BT F03 (450wh)/ BT F04 (600wh).
Frame set including frame+ seat clamp+ head set+ rear thru-axle, and two hangers for rear derailleur.
Color: UD matt, (painting customized is acceptable with extra cost.)
Hola,puedes darme informacion de donde la pillaste y precio?
Porque esto no lo controlo en absoluto y estoy perdido