More training and fitness with emtb?


Aug 29, 2019
The emtb is a brilliant cross trainer (50 yr old) . When I used to do a long hard trail run I had no choice but to rest for 2 days before running or exercising again. Otherwise injuries or just generally so knackered feeling I couldn’t run. But having the e-mtb means I have a really good low impact cross training between runs too. So I can still go out and do 35K hilly trails for an hour or two and burn a lot of calories in eco mode. So my calories burned in the week is much higher with emtb. Anybody else find it good for this?


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Dec 2, 2019
Fort Collins Colorado
Yes it’s a great tool for lower heart rate aerobic exercise. Great way to build your fitness platform. Ride at a heart rate that =180 minus your age. At 42 My recovery rides are at 138 BPM or lower

Jimbo Vills

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May 15, 2020
I thought it was 220 minus your age...

thats your max heart rate fella. Can try and keep it there for an hour or two if you like ???

I’ve not had mine long, but bought my levo as primarily a source of fun, just getting out the house more and up in the woods and a winter hobby....

I do a bit of road riding and circuit training 3/4 times a week for fitness as my main source of exercise.

I was shocked at the calories im burning though. A 23 mile 1700ft xc mile and local trail ride burnt 1150 calories.

average HR 136 so hardly killing it.

but had a great time. Done the loop half the time it would take on the HT. was home early and jumped straight off the bike and went for a country walk with the fam and dog straight after....

went out again on the bike the next day.

love the thing, it’s brilliant and if it’s burning calories whilst having a blast. Even better!!!


Feb 4, 2023
Southern CA
Exact reason I got a ebike. I like to maintain a high level of fitness (non-compete, just personal) so I am on my regular bikes alot. But on my rest days, I take the Rise out because sometimes, my legs simply needs the break, especially as I approach 50. Ebikes are great for days when short on time, and need to work on my technical riding. I can get more laps in on a certain period of time, without taxing myself.

Most people get ebikes simply for the fun factor, but also makes a great training tool for more serious cyclists. Another use I witness was, couple years ago on a really hot summer day, a factory XC team was on a training ride and blew past me like I was standing still. Team manager I presume, was on a ebike with water on hand so he could keep up.


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Aug 2, 2022
My main justification for an E-bike was for making it possible for me to moderate my cardio effort on my local woods MTB rides. Its located on a moderately steep hill so all rides require a slog back up to the top (my entry and exit point ) on my hardtail or analogue full suspension bike had me in the High Threshold /low max HR ranges for those slogs back. It also limited the number of times I wanted to do the trails down due to the climb back need ( & I couldn't see myself just walking it) . The E-bike allows me a lot more leeway on where and how I ride the woods & I can use to the lower assist modes on the uphills to adjust how much cardio effort/HR range I use coming back up.


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Feb 26, 2024
Sounds like a great way to balance your hard trail runs with low-impact cross-training. The eco mode must help keep you going strong without the same recovery time needed after a tough run. It's smart to mix things up to avoid overuse injuries and burn more calories throughout the week. If you're looking to optimize your training further, you can try in-home personal training. It can help tailor your workouts to maximize your e-mtb benefits and overall fitness goals.
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