Magura MT7 leaking in Master Cylinder


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Feb 27, 2019
I have the Magura MT7 and 400Km ago I bled the rear brake, but yesterday the lever was soft and close to the handlebar again. Checking the lever I saw that it was stained with a thin layer of brake oil.

On the side of the lever there is a small hole that if an internal joint breaks, the liquid will spurt out, but that's fine.

I rather suspect the U-Cup Seal in the "Master Cylinder" and the piston. Searching in Google I have seen some cases of liquid loss because the piston "U-Cup Seal 6x10x3mm" got damaged, I attach to a couple of pictures from a USA forum

So I have two options:

OPTION 1.- Buy a MT5 Master Cylinder (Cheaper than MT7 but compatible, looks like the only difference is the lever) ) and install in new MT5 Master body the old MT7 lever.

OPTION 2.- Buy the U-Cup Seal, remove the piston from the Master Cylinder and change the seal.

Now the question: Has anyone removed the piston, is it as easy as removing the lever and pulling the piston out, changing the seal and putting everything back?

Magura Piston.jpg Magura Junta UT.jpg
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Jun 26, 2022
Fort William
I love my Maguras but they have to be the cheapest made brakes I’ve ever used! I have them on 3 bikes, all but one of those has been converted to the “shigura” set-up because of leaky master cylinders.

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