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Jul 30, 2020
Hi guys, I've compiled a list of lightweight full-suspension Trail/AM/Enduro e-bikes with travel between 140mm (RIP Scott Lumen, BMC Fourstroke AMP LT and Rotwild R.X275) and 180mm. These bikes weigh under 20kg, with some exceptions at 21kg. I've only included the top-of-the-line models. They should all be carbon except for the Nicolai and Orange models, which are aluminum. With the exception of the Rise, I've (temporarily?) excluded aluminum versions of other bikes for being too heavy, like the Transition Relay Alloy. The list is divided by motor type.

The light segment is recent: this is a provisional list that is expected to grow. Complicating matters, there are also full-power sub-20kg models. I've included a couple. Once upon a time there was the Crafty Carbon RR SL. Other recent e-bikes might make the list, but I couldn't find their weights online, for example, the Sonic EVO EN SL Daytona (150mm/160mm) might be light. Please add any missing light e-bikes in the comments, considering the criteria above, and point out any errors or inaccuracies, thanks!


Bafang M820 (75nm, 410Wh battery, no range extender)

Agazzini 18.5 (150mm+9mm/160mm or 150mm+9mm/170mm) (optionable 645Wh battery)

Karbon Powerline SL (no piggyback, 150mm/160mm)

Fazua Ride 60 (60nm, 430Wh battery + 210Wh range extender not yet available)

Focus Jam2 SL 9.0 (no piggyback) and 9.9 (150mm/160mm)

Ghost Path riot LTD (no piggyback, 140mm/150mm) and Full party (140mm/160mm)

Haibike Lyke CF 11 (no piggyback) and CF SE (140mm/140mm)

Lapierre E-Zesty LTD (no piggyback, 140mm/140mm) and AM 9.4 (140mm/150mm)

Maxx Jinxx ELF (no piggyback, 140mm/140mm)

NOX Epium ALL-MTN 5.9 (150mm/160mm) or Enduro 7.1 (mullet, 180mm/180mm)

Pivot Shuttle SL Team XTR (132mm/150mm)

Santa Cruz Heckler SL C and CC (mullet, 150mm/160mm)

Transition Relay Carbon (160mm/160mm or 170mm/170mm)

TQ HPR50 (50nm, 360Wh battery + 160Wh range extender)

Fantic Rampage DC 1.4 Factory (no piggyback, 140mm/140mm)

Megamo native 01 and 03 (150mm/150mm)

Mondraker Neat RR and RR SL (150mm/160mm)

Simplon RAPCON PMAX TQ (150mm/150mm or 165mm/170mm)

Stevens E-Maverick AM 9.4.3 (no piggyback, 140mm/140mm) or ED 9.4.3 (160mm/160mm)

Trek Fuel EXe 9.9 and 9.8 (140mm/150mm)

Unno Ikki (160mm/170mm)

BH 2EXMag Gen2 (65nm, 540Wh battery + 180Wh range extender)

BH Ilynx trail carbon PRO 8.9 (150mm/150mm)

Shimano EP8-RS (60nm, a detuned EP801, 360Wh or 540Wh battery + 252Wh range extender)

Orbea Rise M-LTD (no piggyback, 140mm/140mm) and M-TEAM (140mm/150mm)

Orbea Rise H10 (alu, 140mm/150mm)

Shimano EP8 (85nm)

1- 375Wh battery, no range extender

Rotwild R.X375 (140mm/150mm) or R.E375 (160mm/170mm)

2- 540Wh battery + 180Wh range extender

BH ⁠iLynx Trail Pro 8.9 (140mm/140mm)

3- 750Wh battery, no range extender

Bulls SONIC EVO AM SL 3, 2 (no piggyback) and SL-I (140mm/140mm)

Giant SyncDrive Pro2 (85nm, 400Wh battery + 200Wh range extender)

Giant Trance x advanced e+ elite (mullet, 140mm/150mm)

Brose S-Mag (90nm, 720Wh battery, no range extender)

Fantic XTF 1.6 Carbon Factory (no piggyback, 150mm/160mm)

Specialized 1.2 SL (50nm, 320Wh battery + 160Wh range extender)

Specialized Turbo Levo SL S-Works, Pro (mullet, 150mm/150mm) and LTD (mullet, 150mm/160mm)

Specialized Turbo Kenevo SL S-Works and Expert (170mm/170mm)

Bosch Performance Line SX (55nm, 400Wh battery + 250Wh range extender)

Thok Projekt 4 (forthcoming)

Norco Fluid VLT C1 130 (no piggyback, 130mm/140mm) and C1 140 (140mm/150mm)

Bulls SONIC EVO AM SX-I and SX 2 (no piggyback, 130mm/140mm)

Superior iXF 9.8 (no piggyback, 140mm/150mm)

Centurion No Pogo SL R8000i and R6000i (no piggyback, 145mm/150mm)

Conway Ryvon ST 10.0 (no piggyback, mullet, 150mm/150mm) or LT 10.0 (mullet, 170mm/170mm)

KTM Macina Scarp Sx (no piggyback, 140mm/140mm)

M1 AM.400.SX.P (mullet, 160mm/160mm) or CC.400.SX.P (mullet, 150mm/150mm) or EN.400.SX.P (mullet, 160mm/170mm)

MMR Kaizen 00 and 10 (140mm/140mm)

Nicolai SATURN 14 SWIFT (alu, 140mm/150mm)

Orange Phase Evo LE (alu, mullet, 160mm/160mm)

Whyte E-Lyte 140 Works (135mm/140mm) and 150 Works (142mm/150mm)

Maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR (40nm, 250Wh or 360Wh battery + 250Wh range extender)

Spherik E-SMT (140mm/150mm) or E-SMA (150mm/160mm) or E-SME (160mm/170mm)

Thömus Lightrider E Ultimate (140mm/140mm)

Forestal EonDrive (60nm, 350Wh battery + 250Wh range extender not yet available)

Forestal Syrion (170mm/170mm)

Yamaha Airdrive (50nm, a detuned PW-X2, 410Wh battery, no range extender)

GasGas G Light Trail 3.0 (no piggyback, 150mm/150mm)

Raymon AirRay 12 (no piggyback, 150mm/150mm)
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