Moving from 2 bike setup (enduro + e-enduro) to single setup (light e-mtb)


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Aug 11, 2019
so again it goes back to having 1 bike for all purposes isn't going to be good as one that's specifically designed for a task.
I got Enduro, E-Enduro, Gravel, XC, Dirt and use them all regularly. If I would need to sell one it would be the XC as the overlap in my use with the Gravel and Enduro is the biggest. But I wont :)


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Sep 4, 2023
Laax, Switzerland
I have a similar situation. I live in the Alps and balance the great outdoors with my wonderful family of three kids.

It sounds like you are 99% happy with your Orbea Wild and could live happily ever after with just this one bike in your garage.

If this is the case, the question becomes: would a light e-bike be an upgrade from your Wild?

Another question to ask: in a few years, your kids will be on the trails with you. Which is the best bike for you to join them with?


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Sep 16, 2023
I would be happy with just a 50-60 lbs (23,8-26,7 kg) fat (pig...) full powered with 250 W continuous power / 500-750 Wh capacity, if I had to choose just one bike. I would build it as perfect for "do-it-all" as possible. And I'm just 110 lbs / 54 kg myself. There is so much I can gain with just adopting riding techniques from MC/MX. On the other hand, it's very nice to time to time visit acoustic, 13,2 kg in the lightest setup, to learn something new - although that "lightweight" bike is really bad for my technique in some ways, allowing me to do things non-efficiently / wrong. Fat, any 25 kg range, gives instant feedback, no, not this way - please return to basics :D
For clarity, I still have acoustic 140/150 as my "do-it-all" bike, but I only took it for a 100 km mtb adventure last weekend (can't really carry even that, due to shoulder injury) - otherwise I've used my ful-fat-heavy-big-boy as "do-it-all". Fatboy with plenty of smooth suspension is just something unbeatable for me...

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