Kellys Theos F90 Reviews?


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Mar 25, 2024
I’m interested in the Kellys THEOS F90. My concern is that there is very little information about the bike available on the internet. After days of scouring, I’ve found literally only a handful of articles and videos (I’ve provided a full list below). But the reviews seem to stop around the middle of last year and I am yet to find any in-depth, properly long-term information on forums or in other venues. It’s also not a bike that you see on the various lists of “Best EMTBs for 202X,” etc., despite how positive the initial reviews seem to have been. Assuming I haven’t overlooked a trove of information somewhere (if so, please point me in the right direction), I’m hoping to draw on any THEOS F-series owners here, both for myself and other prospective buyers, as to how these bikes have performed over time. In particular:

- Issues with the thermoplastic frame material (cracking, warping, defects, etc.)
- Experiences with warranty claims and communicating with Kellys
- Reflections on performance and ride quality over time
- Persistent issues with components and/or frame design
- Anything else you feel is important for other riders to know

The articles I have come across are as follows:

- Bikeworld (Polish)
- MTBIKER (Slovak)
- Rob Rides EMTB (Thanks, Rob!)
- Sam’s Bikes
- Toffer (German)

Your help is greatly appreciated!
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