I've just discovered deer tallow and I love it. As do my nether regions.


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Aug 25, 2020
Hamburg, Germany
Saddle soreness has never been an issue when mountain biking. I'm moving around too much.

However, on commutes and on longer tours (not MTB) with my wife, when I'm just sitting and peddling, soreness is definitely a problem.

This stuff was suggested to me to help with a rubbing Achilles: https://www.xenofit.de/produkte/second-skin/

Hirschtalg translates to the deer tallow in the title. I'm sure there are similar products available in the UK. I decided to give it a go to combat saddle soreness. Half a centimetre of this stuff on the inside of each leg and the problem has gone. And it's not nasty stuff (I hate fatty creams, sun creams, etc). It's easy to wash off your fingers.

No more saddle soreness.

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