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Haibike with 2018 Yamaha PW-SE, looking at options.


New Member
Jul 2, 2019
Hi all, pondering the speedbox 2, also saw they have the platinum, running the 2018 PW-SE.
So far really loving the bike, LT 4.0, but wanting to go slightly bigger chain ring and derestriction.
Ordered a 42 to replace the front 38, now deciding on dongle. Thanks in advance for any advice.


Jun 13, 2018
Hi Sparky,

I have use the method in this video for 3 years now and it works superbly for free.

I tweaked it slightly so instead of taping the magnet to the crank arm.
I bought a pack of 6mm x 3mm Cylinder Fridge Magnets of amazon and stuck one to end of the pedal spindle. This gives enough clearance from the frame. I keep one magnet spare in my bag but it's never come off.

With the sensor, I fashioned a little box from 25mm x 40mm cable plastic trunking that the sensor screws inside. I leave the sensor just poking out from the box. I then cable tied the box to the top of the chainstay, slid it along to line up perfectly with the magnet on the pedal spindle, tightened the cable ties and used electrical tape to secure it all in place. I've done the same on two Yamaha Haibikes and it's never caused me an issue apart from reading the incorrect speed on the display.

I'd never go back because the dropoff at 16mph is too harsh and spoils my ride off road. Obviously I wouldn't use this bike on the road like this.
The beauty of this solution is it would take me 15 minutes to put it back to normal if I needed to.
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