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    Riding a tuned or deristricted EMTB is not a trivial offence and can have serious legal consequences. Also, many manufacturers can detect the use of a tuning device or deristricting method and may decline a repair under warranty if it was modified from the intended original specification. Deristricting EMTB's can also add increased loads for motors and batteries. Riding above the local law limit may reclassify the bike as a low-powered bike, requiring insurance, registration and a number plate.

    Be aware of your local country laws. Many laws prohibit use of modified EMTB's. It is your responsibility to check local laws. Ignoring it, has potential implications to trail access, and risk of prosecution in the event of an accident.

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Derestricted speeds are the least damaging per mile. Makes motors cover more miles.


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Sep 27, 2021
East Bay CA
Motors die from:
1. Water
2. Water
3. Water
4. Heat
5. Pedal strikes
6. torque spikes from suspension articulation and sudden changes of speed.

At slow speeds big rear cogs have significantly more pedal kickback and higher torque variations over rocks.
Also at slow speeds air cooling is basically non existence.

At high speeds the motor and battery both have better cooling and almost no torque spikes from the small cogs in the back. Plus pedal strikes are less common in areas where speeds are over 20mph.

Total motor output and RPM is the same regardless of speed.

Climbing super steep rocky terrain is most damaging use case other than water.

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