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When derestricted which motor is best …🤷‍♀️


Active member
Dec 30, 2020
So when fully derestricted which of the latest 2022 onwards motors is best ?
When restricted i love the Power of the Bosh but i want to raise the speed limit and from what i have seen Bosh Smart System is probably the trickiest and the one to cause an issue…..
Anyone ridden Ep8 vs Brose 2.2 when derestricted that can compare ?
Does the Ep8 still tail off quickly and loose torque ?
Is the Brose better than or as powerful as the Bosh ?
Any real life feedback would be great,
I found std the Ep8 is lacking when it comes to torque and power nearer the cut off point and there for cant match the others on climbs …..


Founding Member
Jan 21, 2018
The one that is not (currently) broken...

Derestricting only removes the speed limit, it doesn't alter the motor's power characteristics.


Well-known member
Oct 26, 2022
Peoria, AZ USA
Anyone ridden Ep8 vs Brose 2.2 when derestricted that can compare ?
Does the Ep8 still tail off quickly and loose torque ?

I haven't ridden a de-restricted Brose, but I used the Eplus software de-restriction on my EP8. They have a "race" version that does modify the power curves, and they say it's kind of insane and can damage the motor if abused. I went with the safe version which makes the speed limit about 40 MPH. There is no sharp drop, because that was specifically the restrictor coming into play. It just drops off in capability as it hits the maximum power. In my area there are a lot of opportunities to run at around 25-28 MPH, but not really faster, so that's what I really wanted. Overall it's not really noticeable; the bike just feels natural instead of hitting a wall at 19.3 MPH.

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