Bosch gen4 motor shortage

Oct 30, 2020
Northern Ireland
Just been told by my lbs, after 4wks, I'm still going to be without a replacement motor because there is now a shortage of gen4 cx motors
Surely a manufacturer has to get to a point where they know the motors will fail, and actually produce enough motors to cover this?!
What is the point of smart motor systems, and diagnostics when it takes 4wks of back and forth, then, oh, we have a motor shortage, still can't send a motor
In ANY other trade in the world this wouldn't happen. Diagnostics file proves motor is faulty, GET ONE ON-ROUTE! The retailer can send the motor back, but at least get a new one out so the customer who has paid top £ for a clearly flawed system isn't going without

Truly sick of the ebike thing. Same thing with Shimano in the past.

The Hodge

Mystic Meg
Sep 9, 2020
North West Northumberland
Well your LBS is talking bullshit..there is no Gen 4cx motor shortage as my mate had his motor confirmed dead a week or so ago ..and a new one sent up within days ..he is however having to buy this new motor as he has already had the first one replaced under warranty .
Picked his bike up today .


Oct 1, 2019
What ….. Bosch only give one replacement warranty, that’s disgraceful. Should’ve got brose 🤪

The Hodge

Mystic Meg
Sep 9, 2020
North West Northumberland
What ….. Bosch only give one replacement warranty, that’s disgraceful. Should’ve got brose 🤪
In would have been replaced's out of warranty.
He does however get a 2yr warranty on the new motor and the old motor returned ( which he is going to see if it can be repaired by an independent specialist) 😉


Handheld Power Tool
Jun 10, 2020
Coquitlam, BC
The replacement delay seems to be real. My buddies Bosch cx gen4 motor packed it in around Xmas time. We suspected the internal computer board or connection, which was confirmed by the LBS. The availability of a replacement motor was estimated at April 2024. (4 months). His motor is out of warranty but he has a backup eMTB.

If there was a repair centre in North America, available to lBS’s, this motor could be repaired in less than 4 weeks. (Maybe 2 weeks). Currently the LBS may risk their license or franchise ability if they start repairing Bosch motors …therefore they replace the entire motor. The wait for a new replacement seems to be long. (4 days is long IMO).

Which is why Bearing Man has been helpful to me. My skills for motor repair is limited (drive side casing, brackets etc). I don’t have the knowledge or tools to go beyond that. He is based somewhere in the EU but uses Cyclochrome in Gaspe QUE. for logistical hurdles.

Unless your magnesium casing is cracked, most internal parts are fixable or replaceable, but you really need to know what you’re doing,…especially for the Bosch Gen 4. I have a spare motor on the shelf just incase we really need it …I just hope that Bosch update ability doesn’t “brick” this motor.

A replacement motor is $900 CDN. A repair could be half that.…or less.

Peaky Rider

E*POWAH Master
Feb 9, 2019
Derbyshire Dales
Supply is better here in England. Myself and two mates have all needed new motors, all under warranty, in the last six weeks. Each turned round in just over a week.
Clearly, demand is way above the level planned for.


Feb 1, 2023
Just had a motor replaced by Twelve50 bikes in Frodsham, dropped it off on Tuesday afternoon, picked the bike up today. Can't complain at that, top lads in there(y) (nice one to Bosch for the quick posting out but wish it hadn't pooped out in the first place)

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