29 Plus tires on Norco sight VLT


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May 21, 2023
perisher valley australia
Hey folks,very new to the e bike world allthough I researched for some time before I got my wife one(Merida 160 700)which is an awesome rig.i wasnt actually planning on getting one for some time but a deal came up on a second hand one ( Norco sight VLT 2021) that is in excellent condition and it was only $3200 AU so I thought what the hell.I live in the snowy mountains Australia and there are many long(60km+) rides up here which have a large amount of altitude change.Ive ridden quite a few of them without the luxury of E assist and they were an all day slog that cooked me by the end of it!!I generally ride a full suspension fat bike(very niche I know) as I run a ski lodge and enjoy toddling about the range in winter.I also use it at thredbo mountain bike park where it rips with 130 rear and 140 front travel and 4.0 tires.I prefer fat tires mostly due to having a signifigant neck issue from too many snowboard and bike crashes and the fatter wheels/bigger rims are more forgiving on my battered neck in general.So im thinking of kind of going in that direction with the ebike.40mm wide rims with a 3.0 tire so i can run the tires a bit softer than most seam to on ebikes.ive had it a week and am loving it but it is definitely harsher than my fatty when hitting rock gardens or landing jumps. Has anyone done this yet and if so how has it worked out? I know they will fit as the Yari fork is rated for it,but ive ordered a 2.8 for the rear as that is likely a better fit and the vogue to have a slightly skinnier back tire(unless mulleted of course).Sorry for such a long winded first post but I figured I would explain my reasoning for wanting to do this upfront as many will think its a stupid idea if they have no experience with larger volumed tires and how they add a level of plushness and grip that suites me well. If you bothered reading that novel thanks in advance!!

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