Levo SL Gen 1 160? 44mm? GRIP2? Stock fork swap on the S-works 2020


Jun 6, 2021

After some time riding on the stock Fox Factory 34 150mm (51mm offset) on my Levo SL, I think I'm ready to upgrade the fork, as I feel I need more suppleness - I'm a 6"1 190lbs dude, from time to time I will go on a couple gnarlier trails (used to do proper DH but not anymore), usually it's a lot of allmountain trails with a couple steep descents/rockgardens and jumps.

I want to stick to FOX (I have a decent deal on them in Europe), but my options are the following
- FIT4 damper, 150mm 51mm offset - No change to geometry but I heard GRIP2 is miles better than FIT4 and this one is only 80EUR cheaper than GRIP2 alternatives
- GRIP2 damper, 160mm, 51mm offset - will make my H/A a bit slacker (which should be ok for my gnarlier moments - but again, not that many of them in my riding), but offset and manoeuvrability should stay the same?
- GRIP2 damper, 150mm, 44mm offset - Never reduced offset on a bike, I heard it will be less manoeuvrable on twisty trails (I like to be manouverable), but more stable at high speeds (not sure I need that), but the H/A won't change.

I'm most leaning towards 160mm/51mm GRIP2 option but was wondering if anyone here can help here or has experiences with these changes? Maybe those 10mm of travel will be fine in the end?



Aug 10, 2018
Helsinki, Finland
10 mm is not much and you can keep lower pressure and more sag. HA doesn't change too much and you keep already gentle seatpost angle almost the same


E*POWAH Elite World Champion
Feb 16, 2019
Maffra Victoria Australia
If you are good enough to really need to move from 34 to 36 then you probably WILL notice the difference 10 mm makes , but if you dislike the feel it'll be easier to swap airshafts than offset !

I was perfectly happy with the 34 but grabbed a 36 x 160 at a great price because my ego is more advanced than my skillset. Every ride since has involved suspension tweaking in an attempt to replicate the original magic.: " correct" sag and I struggle to keep the front down on technical climbs , extra sag and the front feels mushy, extra tokens with extra sag is getting close, dropping the stem is getting closer. A smarter person would slip the 34's back in but I'm thinking perhaps upgrading the rear shock will be more ego friendly......

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