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  1. Hassen27

    Hello to all. New owner of a Trek Rail 5 and loving it so far :)

    Hi all and thought I would make a short 1st post to introduce myself and my new Trek Rail 5. After watching lots and lots of reviews on Youtube, found Rob's channel and his review of the other Trek Emtbs which convinced me to get one. The reason I actually decided on an Emtb vs a normal Mtb is...
  2. I

    Does weight really matter on full fats....?

    Hi All, My first post (but long time lurker!), so go easy.... Having been mtb'ing for years, i'm looking at now buying my first emtb. I've decided (pretty much) on full fat and have narrowed it down to 3 options... Whyte E160S (26kg+) Trek Rail 7 (24.7kg) Mondraker Crafty R (25.6kg) Left...
  3. Egon

    Trek Rail 9.8 GX AXS Gen3 OR Specialized Turbo Levo Comp Alloy

    Hello, Buying my first eMTB, and I'm divided! Tired of renting, ready to buy. I started with a Trek Rail 7, then went to a 9, then went to a 9.8 for the larger battery. Then I saw the Turbo Levo Comp Alloy is 1000 less. I'd actually prefer aluminum over carbon for long term durability. Bottom...
  4. spudkopf

    Looking for security sicker Bosch Kiox upgrade kit

    G'day I upgraded the Purion on my Rail 5, to a Kiox and promptly managed to loose the small security sticker that is supplied in the kit, I know it's not much of a deterrent, however I would still like to add this sticker nonetheless. I tried contacting Bosch for a replacement, but they said it...
  5. T

    Rail (625Wh) Battery range extender for Trek Rail

    Hello, I ride Trek Rail 9.8 with 625W battery. The bikes are perfect for me, however I'm looking for an option to extend the battery range (similar concept as with Fuel Ex). I understand that Trek does (and will) not provide a solution, however I was wondering if by any chance someone tried to...
  6. J

    Rail (750Wh) 2022 Rail 750 Motor Guard | Part Number?

    I've fallen victim of the infamous cracked motor guard on my carbon 2022 Rail 750Wh. Is this the same part number as the 2020/2021 guard?
  7. uspsa2011

    emtb tuning same as import tuning? Trek Rail pic

    Good day all! Glad to be part of the community! As the title states, does anybody have similar experiences? In my younger years, late 90's to the early 00s, I was very heavy in the import tuning lifestyle. ie: The fast and the furious. As I revisit mountain biking from my youth. I'm...
  8. Mr_Price

    Sold 2021 Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate Trek Thru Shaft Trunnion

    Came off a Rail 9.8XT. Just under 50 hours of use. I only weigh 165lbs and set sag at 28%. Some light scratching on the air can, see photos. Happy to ship, at Buyers cost anywhere. Can be picked up in North Van, Squamish or Whistler. Posted for sale at other sites. Gavin
  9. T

    Trek rail cane creek kitsuma

    Anyone tried the cane creek kitsuma coil on their rail? I have a rail 7 size medium and think the cane creek coil looks the part. The fox dpx2 21’ reservoir is about 10mm shorter than the kitsuma.
  10. Richiefromboston

    Extra wires in Trek Rail 9.8 xt frame?

    Im pulling a new rear brake line through the frame and as Im buttoning it up, I notice a red and ground wire sitting in there. Anyone know what that does or what accesory its supposed to power? Thanks Shes coming out lovely so far.
  11. Tomunleashed

    Trek Rail Size and model

    Hi Folks, Looking at getting a trek rail, and it seems I fall right in between sizes L and XL. I'm 6'1.5 (186cm), so just wondering what others have gone for and any advice. Ideally it would be best to test one at the LBS, however this isn't an option at this time. I think I'm swaying towards...
  12. S

    Which bike - Rail 9.8, Stereo hybrid 160 or Stilus???

    Hi everybody, i am in a big doubt here.. i am looking for a new bike, my current bike is a 2018 Scott E-spark 710. First i looked for a used demo bike, but Covid-19 has turned the bikeworld upside down, and everything is sold out.. 27.5+ wheels Bosch motor Shimano xt brakes Shimano xt gear 160...
  13. D

    Trek rail fork upgrades / extra thick crown

    Has anyone upgraded their fork to a new model that doesn't have the extra think crown that Trek have specced on the rail models? I have a 2021 9.7 on the way specced with a yari, and I have a set of lyriks with the push ACS3 conversion on my 2018 Slash. Will be doing the majority of my riding...
  14. Stihldog

    First emtb at 59.

    Newbie post. I’ll be An old fart (60yrs) next month and purchased a Trek Rail 9.7 in October 2019, which arrived in December 2019. I’ve added a few upgrades (carbon bar, Wolfe tooth dropper remote, magnetic peddles, ergo grips, custom seat, kiox computer, front fender and assorted tools. So...
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    unboxing the Rail
  16. IMG_1442.jpg


    build is finished
  17. IMG_1443.jpg


    build is finished
  18. IMG_1456.jpg


    Christi's first ride 30mi around Prescott Arizona
  19. IMG_1451.jpg


    first ride 20 mi around Prescott Arizona
  20. Gazman233

    Trek rail 5 loves and hates

    Hey guys ..... just bought myself my first e bike in the way of a trek rail 5 2020 model , about 200 miles in and only changed tyres to a tubless set up after about 6 flats in a week . Loving the bike so far , wanting to hear people’s love and hates for the bike , I love the way it looks and...