1. Shimano EP8-RS motor for lightweight emtbs reviewed

    Shimano EP8-RS motor for lightweight emtbs reviewed

    The Shimano EP8 is a 2.65kg and 85Nm motor that is used on many full power emtbs. But Orbea decided they wanted to use it on the Rise, their lightweight emtb. The Orbea Rise was released with a 360Wh battery. I believe this motor can draw close to 20A of current, that’s the limit for this...
  2. Test ride: Lightweight 2022 Rotwild R.X375

    Test ride: Lightweight 2022 Rotwild R.X375

    Our trip starts from a small parkinglot in Gol of Norway. We were heading for the highest peak of the Gol district. At 1.296 meters above sea level. The autumn colors were just starting to show, on this day early in September. Even though temperatures never rose above 10*C, riding conditions...
  3. Coolcmsc

    New issues with EP8?

    My EP8’s been playing up in two ways at 1000km (Edit 2: Thanks to the crew for moving to the correct place 😊😊😊). Reporting the symptoms for other’s info as I’ll report the LBS solution when I have that and I’d be interested if anybody has had either of these two symptoms. If you feel tempted to...
  4. The Good Bike Doctor

    Unanswered Adding RD-M8050 to EP8

    Hi everyone. Trying to install an XT Di2 rear derailleur onto my EP8 equipped Merida eOne Sixty 700 bike. Has anyone done this?? Or has a bike equipped with EP8 and a XT Di2 rear derailleur? I have the following items: XT Di2 Rear Der (RD-M8050-GS) Shift Switch (SW-E7000_R) Junction A...
  5. L

    Unanswered Shimano EP8 Power Metring?

    Hi guys, Len me say I used to ride bike Bosch Gen3 with Kiox display. Now I’m with EP8 motor and I’m missing some metrics. Bosch eBike app was displaying how much nM you are putting and how much the motor give you. Also you could see the mode you used in certain period. However with EP8 I can’t...
  6. TorqeyOn:9


    Hello i'm new here. Just looking to find out if i can fit a Sram GX DUB crankset to a shimano EP8 motor. It currently has stock shimano eMtb cranks with the chainring lock ring that needs the tool LRT2. Will the GX crankset fit straight in or is it not compatible? Thanks👍🏼
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    Santa Cruz Heckler MX
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    cockpit shot
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    Drivetrain shot
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    Santa Cruz Heckler MX
  11. Gw0175

    SX Race 2021 clunk noise?

    Afternoon guys, over the last month my bike has started making a clunk/click noise when the motor is engaged and only when pedaling applying pressure going uphill. I'm not the techy type so wondered if anyone could pass on advice as to what it may be? Initially I've thought the freehub or...
  12. G

    EP8 turning off mid-ride

    A few of our group have the latest 2021 Merida E160 with Shimano EP8 motor. Great bikes. But yesterday one friend’s bike had 4 bars of battery and turned off an hour into the ride. Pressing the on/off button, it would then light up, but turn off again in a couple of seconds. We thought maybe...
  13. Pasho

    New Bike. Problem with Shimano speed sensor W101

    Hi All, Got Vitus E-Sommet VRS for my wife, arrived new few days ago. Awesome bike, but there is an issue with Shimano Steps system. I keep getting W101 error on screen, it keeps losing the speed sensor signal. This cuts out the assist. For a minute it works fine, then stops, then might come...
  14. TFSkeleton

    Opinions welcome

    Hi all, Not rode a MTB/E-MTB in about 10 years, now i've settled down a bit looking into getting back into (bad timing, i know) I'm 6ft 2 and weigh less than 10 stone and mainly riding single track and trail riding. probably venturing more into technical as time goes on. I was looking heavily...
  15. Craig92peters

    EP8 cranks

    So after 2 weeks owning my new meta power, I've had some issues with the E13 cranks so I'm looking at replacement options. My first thought is hope but after checking their website I can't work out if they are compatible or not. Has anyone tried a set on theirs yet? Thanks
  16. K

    Tiny issue with displaycable on a brand new Spectral:ON

    Hi, finished setting up my bike and struggle a bit with the cable on the «Shimano Steps SC-EM800 Display» The plug that comes loose just wont stick in there so i have to add a tiny bit of pressure to make the display start but its shutting down right away when i release that little pressure. Im...
  17. F

    Bosch CX gen 4 vs Shimano EP8

    Hey Guys, Had a bit of a search around but couldn't find a thread that directly compared the 2 motors. I'm interested in people who have had experience with both as to which motor they prefer over all. From what I've been reading the Bosch definitely has a much more punchy power delivery, but...
  18. dscintille

    EP8 Bikes: Arrival Dates and First Impressions

    From what I've heard and read, Shimano is suppose to be shipping the updated EP8 motors sometime in December to the OEMs. We should see new bikes equipped with the EP8 motor arriving at our LBS or at our doorsteps shortly thereafter. For those who have ordered a new EP8 equipped bike, post the...