Test riding the new 2023 Thok Gram and Gram RC

Intended Use
All Mountain, Enduro
Shimano EP8
630 Wh
Fork Travel
170-180 mm
Rear Travel
160 mm
23.3-23.8 kg
€ 7.490-9.900 ex vat
Fredrik took a trip to Italy to ride the new Thok Gram and Thok Gram RC. He attended both the press launch and the “Thok Tribe” event.

Thok Tribe​

Every now and then, Thok invite owners of Thok bikes to their Thok Tribe event. This time, more than 400 people took part. There were people from many different countries, but most of them was of course Italians. They were invited to group rides, dinner, and a party. It’s cool that Thok is creating this community around the brand.

Thok Tribe

The new Gram models​

We’ve previously ridden the Thok TK01 and Mig 2.0. The TK01 is an alloy bike offering 170 mm travel front and 160 rear. Suspension travel is the same on the carbon Gram bikes. Watch us talk about the new Grams or keep reading below.

The Thok TK01 was a well-priced bike with lots of nice components. The weight of 24.7 kg isn’t that bad. But one could feel this was a burly bike that could be a bit slow to handle on narrow trails. If we were to change one thing on that bike, it would be the brakes. Guide T is the entry level mtb brake by Sram, and we occasionally wished for better brake performance.

Thok Gram​

Gram is the cheaper of the two, but they did not compromise on the specs to make a cheap bike. The Gram bikes are the High-End offerings by Thok and they’ve both got carbon frames. The motor is the Shimano EP8 (800) and the battery is 630 WH and easily detachable. Just like on the TK01. The original EP8 (800) has been updated and is now a more silent motor when coasting. See our review of the first edition of the EP8 here. The Gram will eventually come with the new EP8 (801) motor.

Thok Gram and the Shimano EP8

This bike gets the much better Sram DB8 brakes and the Sram NX Eagle 12s drivetrain. Not super cool compents you say? Well, we think it’s okay, because the bike is spec’ed with nice suspension. We particularly like the Fox 38 Rhythm fork, and the Fox DPS Evol shock is decent.

Just like the TK01, the Gram bikes come with mullet wheels, 29er up front and 27.5 at the back. Both are fitted with 2,6” Maxxis Assegai 3C Exo+ rubber. We haven’t heard of the Thok Drift wheels before, but we guess they’re solid. That assumption is based on the maximum permissible system weight of 160+ kg.

The Thok Gram has a claimed weight of 23.8 kg and a € 7.499 ex vat price tag.

Thok Gram specs
Thok Gram

Thok Gram RC​

Gram RC is the most expensive option, using the same frame, motor, and battery. But you do of course get higher end components. We really like the Shimano XT dual caliper brakes. Sram GX AXS isn’t the most expensive Sram drivetrain. But this electronic 12-speed system offers all we want and need in a drivetrain. And suspension is top-notch, a Fox 38 Factory 180 mm combined with a Fox Factory X2 shock.

Thok Gram RC and the EP8
180 mm travel Fox 38 Factory forks

Tires are the same 2,6” Maxxis Assegais. We assume the ebike specific Crankbrothers Synthesis wheels are solid too. The Gram RC has the same 160+ kg permissible weight for bike, rider and gear.

The Thok Gram RC has a claimed weight of 23.3 kg and a € 9.900 ex vat price tag.

Thok Gram RC specs
Thok Gram RC


We think the frame geometry is sensible. No extreme figures, but good values for a Super Enduro bike. Thanks in part to the smaller rear wheel, chainstay length is 450 mm. Short but not very short, just the way we like it on a burly bike. This in turn keeps the wheelbase at a manageable length, 1.275 mm for size L.

Thok Gram geometry

78* for the seat tube angle is steep and up to date while the 64* head angle is as expected. We find it a bit strange the Gram and Gram RC have the same geometry numbers. I would think the longer fork on the Gram RC would put the seat angle at about 77.5* and head angle at 63.5*. Not that it matters much.

On the trails​

Both Gram models are great going uphill. The frame geometry places the rider weight forwards enough to handle pretty much any hill we’d consider riding. The powerful Shimano EP8 offers lots of assistance when crawling ahead at low cadence. The 85 Nm motor behaves predictably and makes little noise for a full power emtb motor. The Thok Grams climb as well as shorter travel emtbs.

2023 Thok Gram RC

At moderate speeds, there isn’t much of a difference between the Gram and Gram RC. The wheels track the surface very well even at some speed over chattery terrain. The bikes don’t feel too big and burly on the narrow trails, they’ll easily go through the hairpin turns. They feel like most other emtbs with a 160 mm travel fork.

But as speed increases, it’s easy appreciating the great Fox Factory suspension on the Gram RC. So much of the small impacts from the trails are wiped away, it provides great cornering grip and comfort. At the same time there is nice support deep into the suspension travel. It helps maintaining control after big hits and heavy landings.

Sram GX AXS Eagle - 12s wireless shifting
Carbon Renthal handlebars on the Gram RC


The Thok Gram and Gram RC are relatively similar. There isn’t a huge difference in weight, and they handle close enough in many situations. The Thok Gram is a capable bike with nice and long suspension travel, but there is something to gain by going with the Gram RC. Whichever model you chose, you get a pretty burly bike with some lightweight and nimble genes, even at lower speeds on tight trails.
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