The new 2025 Orbea Rise - my wish come true?

Intended Use
Trail, All Mountain, and I guess Enduro
Shimano EP801 RS+ gen2
420 or 630 Wh plus 210 Wh extender
Fork Travel
140 & 160 mm
Rear Travel
140 & 150 mm
From 16.26 kg (M-LTD size XL)
£ 7.999-11.999
A few months ago, I wrote an article about a great bike that didn’t exist and how the Orbea Rise could be that bike. The new Orbea Rise is here, did they hit it out of the park with this one?

The Shimano EP801 RS+ motor and bigger batteries​

Let’s start with what’s possibly the most interesting news. The motor and batteries! Orbea is using the same old battery enclosures, but they now contain the new 5.8 Ah cells. The smaller battery is up from 360 to 420 Wh while the 540 Wh pack has been bumped up to 630 Wh. Either battery can be combined with the 210 Wh range extender weighing 1.1 kg.

The new 420 Wh battery
The 630 Wh battery combined with the range extender
The 210 Wh range extender battery has a claimed weight of just 1.1 kg.

With these bigger batteries, surely the 60 Nm RS motor software is gone? No, and yes. The Shimano RS gen2 motors have two profiles. Orbea decided to label them “RS” and “RS+”. The first profile is quite limited at 54 Nm of torque, that can be changed in the app though. The RS+ however, offers 85 Nm! Did Orbea do it? Did they create a lightweight full-power emtb? Can I say “yes and no” again? Torquewise, it’s just as strong as the regular Shimano EP801 motor. But Orbea says the maximum motor power is reduced by 100 W. So, if Shimano claims 600 W, this one should be 500 W.

There is no need to limit the motor for bikes running the 630 Wh battery. The battery can handle it. The big advantage of having a slightly limited motor is it will work with 420 Wh battery. You can choose the lightest possible configuration and still get whats almost a full-power emtb. Another bonus is Orbea doesn’t have to keep track of what models get which software. After all, they’ve forgotten to install the RS software altogether on previous Rise batches.

The new Shimano EP8 RS gen2 motor
How can you tell this is the new Shimano gen2 RS+ motor? The S is red.
Orbea attaches the Shhimano display to the stem. Photo: Jérémie Reuiller

Riding the new Orbea Rise​

I haven’t ridden one yet, but “Rob rides emtbs” has. The new EP801 RS gen2 feels powerful and Rob doubts many will miss the extra peak power. When riding at below max power, it feels as generous as the EP801.

Rob weighed the lightest Rise SL M-LTD 140mm to 16.26 kg in size XL. And frankly, that’s lighter than necessary for his riding. The heavier Rise LT feels more stable and more familiar. A mild emtb doesn’t have to be superlight, perhaps the sweet spot is around 19+ kg? See Rob’s video for the full story.

4 different models​

The Rises launched today are the M-Ltd, M-Team and M10. As you probably noticed, that’s only 3 models. The bike comes in two flavors, the Orbea Rise LT and the Orbea Rise SL. They’ve all got a carbon frame, so no entry-level M20 or alloy frames. I’d be very surprised if Orbea have decided to discontinue the cheaper models. The way I see it, those were the strength of the Rise-lineup.

The 2025 Orbea Rise LT M-Team

An Orbea Rise SL with 140 mm travel​

The Orbea Rise SL M-LTD and M10 look very much like the previous Rise with 140 mm rear travel. And I’m happy Orbea is still offering a mid-travel Rise. I think the handling of the 140/140 travel 29er Rise was quite special. The lower font end and bottom bracket gave it a nice connection to the trail. I felt like I was flying low and fast over the dirt and pine needles.

The shorter travel Rise head angle is down by 0.5* to 65.5*. Depending on frame size, the wheelbase is up by 13-24 mm. The bottom bracket drop of 37 mm is barely altered. Chainstays have shrunk by half a centimeter to end up at 440 mm. While the frame geometry is relatively similar, it seems more modern.

Orbea Rise SL M-LTD. Photo: Jérémie Reuiller
Orbea Rise SL carbon geometry

An Orbea Rise LT M-Team and M10 with more travel​

I’m quite excited to see the old 150 mm forked models being replaced. To me, they fell between two chairs, or categories. Adding a 10 mm longer and burlier fork didn’t make it that much more capable on the descents. It seems Orbea very much fixed that with the new LT. They bump the travel up to 160 mm front and 150 rear while keeping the 29er wheels. The weight remains low with the M-Team weighing in at 17.97 kg.

The Rise LT M-Team is lass than 18 kg, barely.
Orbea Rise LT carbon geometry

The new Rise LT seems a great platform for those who want a beefier Rise. The 64.5* head angle is a great choice for a capable yet maneuverable bike. If that is too steep, set the bike to the low position for 64*. The wheelbase is increased by 2 mm in the Low setting, putting a size L frame at 1.260 mm. If you want maximum frame reach, set the frame to High for 485 mm (size L). Chainstays are the same 440 mm as found on the SL. Geometry looks promising for an aggressive, lightweight emtb.

Specs and prices​

Orbea Rise LT M-Team: £9.999 / €10.999 / $11.999
Orbea Rise LT M10: £7.599 / €8.499 / $8.999
Rise SL M-LTD: £10.999 / €11.999 / $12.999
Rise SL M10: £7.199 / €7.999 / $8.699

Orbea Rise LT M-Leam
2025 Rise LT M10
Orbea Rise SL M-LTD
2025 Rise SL M10
LT M-Team specs
LT M10 specs
SL M-LTD specs
SL M10 specs

My take​

My dream bike is currently a lightweight full-power bike with decent battery capacity at a low price. Light, cheap, good range and strong. Yes please, I want my cake and eat it too. Not an original wish, but an obvious one. Orbea could have made that bike a few years ago, when they put the bigger 540 Wh battery in the Rise. But they didn’t. So, I wasn’t sure they would do the right thing this time around.

And technically, they still haven’t. Motor power is still software limited. Does it matter though? Many of us will probably be perfectly happy with this new RS+ motor.Power is likely similar to the old EP8 (800), which everyone considers a full-power motor.

We expect the redesigned rear triangle is nice and robust.
The new Rise has room for long dropper posts, starting at 200 mm travel!
Who's excited about a coil shock on the Rise LT?
A nice and clean Rise cockpit

But the new Rise isn’t cheap! Does Orbea plan on keeping the previous model for the lower price points? My guess is Orbea is introducing the more expensive versions first because of limited availability of say the new 5.8 Ah cells. As production ramps up, I hope and expect cheaper models will be available. If you want a bike right away, be quick about it! To my knowledge, bikes are currently being shipped to stores in limited numbers!
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Started mountainbiking in the 90s. Moved to emtbs in 2014 and have been reviewing them since 2016. Contact me here


Really need to see some frameset-only options for Orbea to make the cost of entry more palatable.
Some personal thoughts on the Orbea production line (very good) and marketing strategy (very bad)!
I am really getting sick and quite mad about this "RS" - issue now reading the same BS over and over again...

First of all, I am quite experienced in the Shimano world since some years now, I am riding a lot of Shimano bikes and also some Orbea bikes, also with then new drive units EP801 and EP6.
In my eyes, Orbea creates one of the best lightweight eMTBs as well as perfect frames and so deserve a lot of credits for this!

However, personally I think their marketing department should be sued legally, because since years they are creating and insisting on lies related to their customers when they claim that they (Orbea) have created an OWN "RS" (Rider Synergy) software or firmware for their EP801, EP800 and EP600 bikes and also created this "RS" (Rider Synergy) B...S...

Fact is: There is no special Orbea firmware for all these "RS" branded drive units.
Orbea uses the absolute original and standard Shimano motor firmware on all of their bikes.
See here.
The only difference between a standard Shimano drive unit and the "RS" drive unit from Orbea is that Orbea uses a blue (and now blue and red) "RS" sticker and glue this sticker on the right side motor cover (in a very bad way) and then reduces max. torque and max. peak power levels via a (hidden) functionality which already exists since many years in the Shimano motor firmware.
Shimano has created these hidden functionality already many years ago for reducing max. torque and max. peak power for using some of their rear hubs which are not designed for such high torques (up to 85Nm on the EP800, EP801 and EP6) and high peak power (up to 600W on the EP801).
So via this way it was (and is) possible to reduce these max. values on most Shimano STePS drive units, so that when these drive units were used in combination with some of the Shimano hubs, these hubs will get a longer life.

And since many years (starting with the EP800-RS on the first Orbea Rise) Orbea falsely claims that they have "invented" and "developed" a very special "RS" firmware with special profiles for their light eMTBs, which definitely is not true!
Orbea has only limited the max. peak power and max. torque so their sometimes somewhat low capatity batteries (e.g. the very leightweight 360Wh version) will not create instantly negative feedback from their customers soon regarding range.
Also some of these Orbea created batteries use battery cells which are not able to deliver enough instant current for the max. nominal torque and max. peak power of the standard Shimano STePS drive units, so this was also another reason to limit max. peak power and max. torque on these "RS" branded drive units.

In my eyes, it is absolutely fine that Orbea uses these (Shimano created) functionality to reduce max. peak power and max. torque to get more range with their small batteries, but ORBEA SHOULD STOP TO LIE ON THEIR CUSTOMERS ABOUT THE SELF CREATED "RS" FIRMWARE NOW!
Don´t fool around !with your valuable customers, Orbea! Your customers are paying a lot of money for your (very good) bikes, but they deserve the whole truth!

So, thumbs up to the creators and developers of the Orbea bike design but thumbs down on the Orbea marketing department.
=> Don´t lie on your valuable customers who pay a lot of money for your bikes.
Put your pants down and forget about your "RS" - BS!
You have created an own battery system with great range externder, but if your batteries are not able for the standard Shimano STePS drive units to generate the nominal max. peak power and max. torque due to some restrictions of your battery capacity, then don´t lie on your customers and and don´t tell them that you have created a very special "RS" firmware with very special "RS" profiles - just tell your customers the full truth, that you just have reduced max. peak power and max. torque on the standard firmware of Shimano.

So, again, Orbea is using the absolute original standard motor firmware from Shimano for on their EP801-RS, EP800-RS and EP600-RS bikes for many years now and have noting invented for this.
There is no Rider Synergy (RS) at all - only the bloody sticker on the right side motor cover and the reduced values for peak power and max. torque!
I didn’t last long. New Rise(s) on order. After a bit of reading round it looks like the new 630 battery is just 600g heavier than the original 360 and c900g lighter than the 360+ range extender (and the weight will be better distributed).

Having seen Orbea’s headset routing in the flesh it makes the front end look super tidy (Will remain to be seen how much of a pain it is to work with when I swap out the Shimano brakes).
I didn’t last long. New Rise(s) on order. After a bit of reading round it looks like the new 630 battery is just 600g heavier than the original 360 and c900g lighter than the 360+ range extender (and the weight will be better distributed).

Having seen Orbea’s headset routing in the flesh it makes the front end look super tidy (Will remain to be seen how much of a pain it is to work with when I swap out the Shimano brakes).

Did you got for the LT or SL? Look forward to a ride report.
Does anyone know if the new 630W battery is compatible with the previous version of the Rise running an EP801?
Would be a nice upgrade with no weigh penalty.
Had my first ride today. I can confirm that the motor is more powerful than last years model, it now feels close to full power emtbs. Unfortunately it is also a bit on the heavy side - 20.6 kg (size L, M10 with big battery, Maxxis Minions with tubes). Ideally I'd like to shave off a kg, but I think I need to keep the 630Wh battery.


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