Levo Gen 3 Tire pressure on turbo levo comp carbo


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Apr 8, 2024
Redding CA
Hi , I have a new Turbo Levo comp with the standard Specialized tires which have been converted to tubeless using Stan’s no more flats. Ok the question is what is the minimum tire pressure I can use? I am about 220 lbs and like a plush ride Here in Northern California the dirt is rock hard clay with lots of loose small rocks on the surface during the summer. It makes for tricky riding particularly stopping the front end from washing out
Thanks for your input


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Nov 5, 2018
Lincolnshire, UK
This will depend upon the tyre width, tyres size, type of casing and so forth.
Honestly, the best thing is to take a guess (guided by your current experience) and then ride the bike. Take a digital pressure gauge with you and a pump. Start with a higher pressure than you think would be acceptable and work down from there. If you end up going too low, then that is what the pump is for.

This is the tyre pressure gauge I use. I have had mine for many years. Very consistent, easy to use.

Let me guess for you. Start with 30psi front and 35 rear. That should prevent too much unpleasant pumping back up.

You are correct to use your tyres and tyre pressure as part of your suspension to get the type of ride you are looking for. But you must put at least (and probably a lot more) the same effort into getting the suspension set up for what you are looking for.

For me it's an iterative process. I start with tyre pressures that I am comfortable with, get the suspension as dialled as I can, then start again on tyre pressures. I go as low as I can without a risk of squirming, the tyres rolling off the rims, or banging the rims on the rocks. Some go even lower but add inserts like a Cushcore to absorb the hits. If I discover that I've gone too far, I increase by 1-2 psi and try again.

It's all part of the new bike fun! :love:


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Apr 17, 2024
Ammanford, Wales
I'd say play about with them to find what suits - everyone is different
I have a Levo Comp and I weigh 210 lbs plus Backpack
I run tubeless and use Stans and found I can run as low as:
F - 15PSI - Butcher 29 x 2.6
R- 17.5 PSI - Eliminator 27.5 x 2.6

Possibly try 22PSI to start in each


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May 31, 2019
NorCal USA
I also ride NorCal hard pack clay covered with tan dust. I started at about 30 psi front and rear. The washbaord was no fun, so I dropped to 25/25. Over the past 3 years, I've inched down, bottoming out at 20F/22R. That was low enough that the bike felt too squishy. I'm currently at 22F/23R, which seems to be the sweet spot. My regular ride is a public park without any features like berms, wall rides, fast rock gardens, or big drops or jumps, so my cornering forces and rock impacts are not super high. No burping or dinged rims!

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