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Oct 5, 2019
New Zealand
I'll start this off with a bit of humour... which I shall entitle, my...

"Pre-ride OCD Attack!"

^ How am I supposed to eat that?!

^ Ahhh, that's better...



⚡ eGeezer ⚡
Oct 5, 2019
New Zealand
GranpaBrogan's TIP of the day.

I love a proper flat-white just as much as any coffee lover would do. BUT coffee is not a sacred religion for me, and when I want a quick coffee in the middle of doing something I just can't be bothered firing up the coffee machine (no cafe near my house either). So... instant coffee it is.

Just like real coffee, instant coffee can also be a 'hit and miss black-science mystery'... and for some cosmic reason, if someone else makes the 'instant' for me - it always tastes better than the one I make for myself - even if I do exactly the same thing! ? :mad:

If you're suffering from CCR (chronic coffee remorse), give this trick a try and see what happens. Granted that I use a particular brand (Maccona Classic Roast), I think the trick should work on any kind of granulated or freeze-dried instant coffee. Here's what I do...

Put milk in first (or small amount of cold water if you want it black).
Then the coffee - which should float on the surface.
Put in sugar before hand if desired, but this will immediately sink to the bottom.
It should look like this:

Pre Nuke.jpg

Then... nuke it in the microwave on high for 20 seconds.
Then, it'll look like this:

Post Nuke.jpg

If you smell that, it will now have an odour like the coffee has regained consciousness...
Like it got belted with a heart defibrillator! ?⚡:giggle:

If you want a darker (more bitter) roast, give it a 30 second nuke... or more?

After that, just pour boiled water and there you have it! Saves having to go up and down the supermarket isle looking for various instant coffee roasted blends. ?

Chime back in, and tell us if it worked for you or not. (y)

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