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Speed limit restrictions

Neeko DeVinchi

Dec 31, 2020
Anywho, sticking to the focus of the thread. I.e. 'speed limit restrictions', subject to areas in which you are able to access (private property with the land owners permission for example), you will find that de-restricted ebikes (which would full into the category of powered transport vehicles) are permitted.
Naturally I am reluctant to divulge where I go on a regular basis on ebikes like the Sur Ron, Enduro etc (and thus, has not been featured on my channel out of respect of the landowners permission and trust).

Indeed, I suspect that many like minded riders who recognise (and understand the ramifications of his/her choice of using powered transports in public spaces), will do their due diligent research to seek out these areas (no different from a rider seeking out their local trails or nearest bike park native to the type of mountain bike they own).
Don't ask me where this is or where I am but I give you my example of such a place where I can ride my electric bikes beyond 15.5mph.

Yes, I completely understand that not everyone will be as fortunate as myself so please do not misinterpret this post as a 'middle finger' to those who wish or yearn to have areas where they can ride de-restricted bikes. Moreso, think of it as 'my way' (the legal way) of using such an ebike.

Neeko DeVinchi

Dec 31, 2020
:ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: You're kidding, right?
I know it sounds naive. But even if I'm alone in my decision making/taking, I know that I've taken necessary steps to preserve my right to use certain ebikes.
I would say safely but......well......things can happen when you least expect them 😅


E*POWAH Elite World Champion
May 16, 2019
personally I doubt the mere classification of a parcel of land being in private ownership carries much weight even if the owner of that land had given permission. The landowner would have had to taken specific measures to ensure the safety of whatever activity he/she had authorised.
I use to do Autocross and grasstrack racing ( cars ). Finding anywhere to set up the race car after the winters build was always difficult because farmers recognised the potential liability. When we raced, the tracks and courses were on farmland but specifically fenced off and sign posted and spectators were marshalled etc and medical services etc were on site. In other words specific measures were taken to ensure the safety of competitors and spectators............and there was no way that casual ramblers could stray onto the track or pits areas.


Mar 12, 2021
Essex UK
Hmmm... all of Neeko's posts have disappeared for me so I guess he's blocked me. Funnily enough I was PM'd by another member (also blocked after he challenged Neeko) a few days back advising me that if I carried on questioning Neeko he would block me.

Oh well. Make of that what you will. All I would ask is that any members take his 'advice' very carefully. And if you challenge it expect to be blocked.

Neeko DeVinchi

Dec 31, 2020
@Planemo, not to sure what your above post refers too. I haven't blocked you (didn't know you could block people 😅).
Anywho, can't offer an explanation as to why you can no longer reference any quates of mine in subsequent posts (you could always just copy and paste or screenshot).
Sorry buddy 😕

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