Possible counterfeit Magura 8.P pads


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May 31, 2019
NorCal USA
Up until the set of pads I installed a few days ago, all of my Magura 8.P replacement pads came in a small rigid plastic clamshell. The suspect pads came in a in a flexible plastic bag that didn't even have a piece of folded cardboard stapled to it. They did have the Magura part number and a date code stamped on the back.

The feel and sound of these pads is much different than the performance I've enjoyed for the passed 2 years. These new pads sound and feel a bit gritty, they fade, and they squeak. I'm quite sure they are counterfeit.

This is the packaging I would trust.


If I could remember where I bought the suspected-counterfeit pads, I'd tell you. All of my replacement pads have come either from Amazon or a bike shop that does Internet sales. My guess is that an Amazon seller is more likely to supply counterfeit parts than a place like Worldwide Cyclery or The Lost Co. (USA shops)

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