Parkside PRMA 40-Li C1 (40v lawn mower ..... 🌾✂️🔋)


Jun 12, 2019
Brittany, France
This is the lounge so open to all sorts of irrelevant crap ..

Thought I'd share this as it's not bad !

I'm not a fan of petrol garden tools, they're noisy, smelly, heavy. OK, I have lots of Petrol chainsaws, but battery ones too - but you need a more energy dense source sometimes.

I generally mow with my Iseki SXG. It's great, but it weighs just under 1000kg's and is almost 4 meters long so it's a PITA round fiddly bits.

I normally buy Makita cordless, but I do have a couple of LIDL 20v batteries, so I thought I'd try the little mower.

It's quite cute ! Easy to assemble, well thought out, has turbo, eco and auto modes (think EMTB) so it's quite familiar to use ! Weighs about 12kg without batteries so you can pick it up with one hand and carry it about.


Has a steel blade and a mulch kit/block option included


You can get parts and the whole thing can be stripped down to nothing if you want. The height mechanism is super smooth and actually the nicest one I've ever used.


It's 40v, so takes two batteries and has a little "key" you insert for safety.


Probably outside of what it was intended for, but I wanted to abuse it .. there's also cherry and oak saplings and numerous pine cones to test the plastic !


It actually did better than I expected. Some bits took 2 passes, but it mulched everything up and had no problems with any of the thick stuff, saplings, pine cones, branches.

It did this area and about half the next area. Maybe less than I'd hoped, but with something more normal going I'd imagine it would go much further.


Tubby G

❤️‍🔥 Hot Stuff ❤️‍🔥
Dec 15, 2020
North Yorkshire
Looks very similar to mine except the colour and brand as the one I have is bright orange and I think the brand is ‘Garden Force’ or something similar. Had no problems with it and had it a couple of years now 👍🏽

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