looking for E-bike advice for pulling 20kg wagon on dirt roads


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Sep 13, 2023
Hi everyone, I am looking for advice on finding an ebike for pulling 20kg load of sports gearin a rear wagon on dirt roads with some minor vertical rise and drop. the environment is ocean side and very humid (think SE Alaska). No single track, just wide easy trails and dirt roads. Trips are maximum of 10km.
the sports wagon is made in Germany: Reacha.

reacha SPORT

Ideal for transporting SUPs, wing foils, kite foils, windsurf boards, longboards, kayaks or fishing equipment.

Important to note: the attachment system for the wagon is on the seat shaft.

I bought a Moma fat tire 26" to do the job, but not only was it too weak, it suffered major electrical problems after limited use. Basically, a waste of 1800€.

Originally, I thought the fat tire setup on the wet dirt roads would help pull the load, especially with low psi.
However, I soon realized, after the fact, that I made a poor choice in my purchase.
the additional weight of the fat tire frame/wheels combined with hub motor was very limited on the often slippery dirt inclines. Totaly inadequate.

I am looking for any advice on which bike/model to buy that can pull a solid load, is reliable, and can handle ocean climate and lots of rain, and does not break the wallet.
I am thinking: Full suspension, 29", crank motor with very strong battery.
thanks EMTB riders!

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