Levo SL Gen 1 How to convert Levo SL to 27.5- noob questions


Jun 14, 2019
south lake tahoe, ca
I have a gen1 SL, and am considering getting my son a used gen1 SL so he can ride with me.
He's 13 and growing fast... thinking of getting him a size M (height-wise he's right between size S and M), but I think he'll do better going from his 26" to a 27.5 vs up to 29".

I've been reading posts and watching videos but have never swapped wheels, so I have a bunch of probably dumb questions... can I just get whatever 27.5 rims? or are there certain specs I need to match? Can just reuse the axles, brakes, and cassette? or do different rims or bikes use different axle sizes or disk bolt patterns or whatnot? I watched a video that talked about a conversion plate and spacers, but I don't know how I'd know if that were needed.
This could all be very straight forward but it'd be great to hear from those of you who have done this before as I'd prefer to know what I'm buying/doing before jumping in.


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Apr 12, 2020
I changed my Levo SL to 27.5" not long after I got it, 2800 miles later I am still happy with the result. Here are the wheels I bought:
Spank Oozy 350 Boost 27.5" Wheelset
Black, 32H, 15X110mm, 12X148mm, Shimano HG

I swapped the cassette (later changed it to 11-34), brake rotors (and rear wheel magnet). Don't remember having any other issues although asking me about what I did three years ago is iffy. ;)
With the smaller wheels the motor assist cut out at about 18 mph, my LBS reset the wheel circumference to get it back to 20 mph.

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