Does anyone think their motor has got faster over time ???


Jun 12, 2019
Brittany, France
I can't decide if things have "freed up" .... over time .. or if it's just my subconscious finally working out optimums ?

With the E8000 hardtail, quite quickly my subconscious worked out the best cadence and rate of power delivery (from me) to get me up a climb the fastest. The speeds/gears to achieve the optimum from the motor for a given incline.

With the Brose it all felt very different from the start. It felt Wayyyy faster out of the box, but back to back tests on none technical climbs, showed me faster on the e8000 hardtail. I never felt like I could tune in to the Brose motor in the same way though - to exploit it to it's full.

I'm now at 2000km's on the Brose and being weaker from the French no cycling lockdown, I'm bizarrely finally starting to churn out some faster climbs. It took me ages on one to go faster on the the Kenevo than on the e8000 hardtail, then last week I took 6 seconds off it. Another climb last week, which is much more technical, I grabbed several second off, despite that one being part of a circuit where I was already half wrecked, but it felt like the bike pulled me up there ?!?

And no .. it's not had any updates .. I'm in France .. dealers say NON ! Plus, the batteries had a lot of charge cycles because I turbo everywhere or have it off .... ?!! Weirdo ! .. :) So the battery's not going to be performing as well as it did when new.


SLayer ?
Jan 27, 2020
1800km on my Yamaha and I can’t really say if it’s loosened up as such. It’s got noisier, certainly compared to my neighbours box fresh ‘20 Trance.
As for going faster, that sort of thing is all in my head. For no particular reason I felt edgy and a bit tense when I went out tonight. I enjoyed the ride but knew I wasn’t in the right place to push it. I’ll be all mellow and relaxed tomorrow and whack in a bunch of PB’s. Or fall off. Perhaps both.


⚡ eGeezer ⚡
Oct 5, 2019
New Zealand
Not definite what's inside every motor design, but I'm pretty sure there is a reduction gearbox of some sort in there because the motors typically run at higher RPMs whereas human cadence begins to peak at a comparatively lowish 100ppm (that's way too high for an old masher like me who likes to stay around 50-60ppm). Some of these gears may be made up of a combination of nylon and alloys - and where there's gear meshing, there's friction - which should get lesser in time or after a break-in period. So yeah... could feel easier or be faster.

BUT, then again there may be other external factors that could give you this feeling. Over time your tyre knobs get worn so rolling resistance would get lesser. OR, that misaligned brake rotor finally wears down that one brake pad that been rubbing up against it all along, haha! ?

But hey, it's all a win-win... less resistance where ever it may be = a speed gain and longer battery mileage! (y)


E*POWAH Master
Mar 24, 2020
Haha, there’s that too! We used to live in an area close enough to a railway for a passing train to be heard. Our visitors hear it but we no longer do. :)
Reminds me of a story...when I was about 3 my parents moved to a new house near the top of a hill. In the middle of the night trucks would come through and had to shift gears right in front of our house. My parents sleep was effected for about six weeks until they got used to it. When a new highway opened the trucks switched their route, and apparently my parents sleep was affected by the lack of noise for a while.


Aug 29, 2019
Yes, since going in for warranty and they worked on it. I will soon know as the garmin tracks the speed pretty well.

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