2016 KTM Macina Race 27 X1 11 CX5



Again another bike that I owned, to be replaced by the plus size KTM Fogo.

The KTM Macina Race 27 X1 11 CX5 was I believe a UK only special edition model. Whilst perhaps having a generically road/light trail based frame, any flaws were only highlighted when on very fast descents, where it could get a bit out of shape. The spec of the bike was very creditable, and once again, this was a bike that put up with more abuse than it perhaps should of. But once again and all credit to KTM, it stood up brilliantly to my punishment, and when sold, looked as good as the day that I purchased it.
As a general use hardtail, the Macina range has alot to offer, especially in respect of hassle free winter riding.

I made a few changes to the bike over my period of ownership, which are detailed below.

The change to a tubeless set up.
The fitment of a Rockshox Reverb Stealth dropper post.
The fitment of a Ragley Tracker saddle
A change to WCS Foam grips.
And finally a 70mm stem over the OE 90mm one.

Again a bike that provide thousands of miles of happy, muddy, reliable use.

2.jpg zz22.jpg zzz3.jpg ed4.jpg z2df.jpg zz3e.jpg z2uy.JPG

zz10 - Copy.jpg mz2a.jpg uz5.jpg mz11p.JPG e3.JPG zz7 - Copy.jpg

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