2014/2015 KTM Macina Lycan GPS+



A bike that I had great pleasure from both owning and using. Purchased in 2014, after seeing just the launch photographs, it proved to be a superb introduction to the world of full suspension eMTB's and also the Bosch DU system. With three trips to the Swiss Alps, countless organised events, and much more beside, I sold it recently after covering in the region of 8,000 miles on it. After taking delivery of the Fogo 271, it sat being unused, so it seemed pointless keeping it. During my time of ownership, it was treated very much as tool to do a job, and withstood my use incredibly well. That in part was down to my meticulous maintenance regime, but also credit to the build quality.
The bike took me on to more places than I could have dreamt of ever reacheing, and completed many quite phenominal rides/outings.
It also allowed me to complete a ride that I shall treasure for ever, and shall link to a little later.

The 2015 model year KTM Lycan GPS+

Over the period of my ownership the bike underwent several changes which included the following....
A change from Nyon to Intuvia, then further again to Purion.
The removal of the front sprocket guard, which instantly stopped chainsuck.
A fitting of a pair of handlebars with a 20mm rise
A reduction in stem length from 110mm to 70mm
The fitment of Ritchey foam grips.
The fitting of a Rockshox Reverb Stealth dropper seat post.
The fitting of a Ragley Tracker saddle.
A swap to a tubeless set up.

And probably much more that I cannot currently recall.

Altogether a brilliant and fun bike that I shall miss, and have many fond memories of owning.

lzz5.jpg bosch weekend 1.JPG cc4.jpg lzz16.jpg lzz11.jpg image.jpg use 45.jpg P1010125.JPG image3.PNG collage 1.jpg use 16.JPG use 29.JPG

use 6.jpg use 38.jpg



use 4.JPG poppy.jpg use 18.jpg Se.jpg use 17.jpg use 3.JPG zuse 40.JPG use 19.jpg use 34.jpg use 26.jpg use 23.jpg zz7.jpg

Even when I sold it, it didn't scrub up too badly.

use 14.jpg

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