1. The new 2024 Whyte E-Lyte

    The new 2024 Whyte E-Lyte

    Whyte has finally released the details of the mild and lightweight E-Lyte. This bike was first seen on Eurobike this summer, so we already knew it would be a Bosch powered emtb. Watch my video or keep reading below. Three times E-Lyte Years ago, Whyte aimed to create a 16 kg emtb. They soon...
  2. R

    Hiya .. thanks for adding me. Old bloke with knackered knees 😀

    After three years of telling anyone who would listen that e-biking is cheating and you may as well get a motorbike … I’ve got an ebike ! 😀 I usually ride motorcycles trials and after 5 or 6 dislocations of the same knee I had to almost stop mountain biking if anything resembling a hill was...
  3. G

    E160RS - Fox 38's clicking noise

    Hey, I was out on the bike this evening and was hearing a small creak or click. When I got back I thinking maybe it was the front wheel bearing but after taking it off and checking for play etc it seemed fine. When jamming on the front breaks and moving the bike back and fourth I seem to notice...
  4. Neeko DeVinchi

    Daaammmnnnn!!!! That's one expensive E-Hardtail!!!

    So I imagine we'll start seeing reviews on the new Whyte E-Hardtails in due course. For those who are unaware, Whyte now have in their catalogue two new eebs. The Whyte E-504 & E-505. Geometry seems good but this is Whyte we're talking about so we should expect nothing less...
  5. E

    Skipping chain, worn gear, which cassette?

    Evening all. Quick cassette question - the chain is skipping around one of the middle gears of my E-160 S. The stock cassette is a SRAM PG1210. These don’t seem to available except as part of a build, so what is the nearest (and most affordable) compatible replacement? 1230? Thanks and I hope...
  6. E

    Hit the limiter...strange drag?

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. I have an ex-demo Whyte E-160 S with nigh-on 200 miles on the motor, of which I've added approx 30. My first ride was post-Covid so my brain wasn't at its most incisive when it came to assessing the ride, so we'll put that to one side. The second...