1. goroncy

    Why the Giant App (RideControl) is important (even right now)

    Let me explain why. I think that there is a some confusion as to how this motor (Yamaha PW-X3 with Giant software) works. For example. These are my personal settings: What those numbers are, are percentages of your input. The 400 that is the maximum number is not maximum power in Watts...
  2. N

    Stance E+ 1 Pro 29er will not power up

    My Stance E+ 1 Pro 29er (new in September) suddenly will not power up. When I push the start button nothing happens. The bike's been on the charger since my last ride three days ago. The smart charger shows a steady red light which I understand can indicate some kind of charging problem. But...
  3. A

    Motor upgrade from 3000w to 5000w or bigger?

    My Energy Motor Ocean motorcycle came with a 72v 3000w hub motor. I upgraded the Gel batteries to a Lithium one. What I am wondering is how hard would it be to upgrade the hub motor to a more powerful one?
  4. T

    Motor resistance

    I’ve noticed an increase in the resistance of the motor at the cranks on my 2018 Full E+1 since January and on my ride at the weekend had to use full power for the route as normal and eco were not putting out enough assistance to hide the weight of the bike. Any ideas if this is fixable or needs...
  5. Cannikin

    [Solved] Power up/battery door issue

    I've had power switch issues for the last couple of months. 75% of the time the bike won't turn on with the power switch, I have to open/close the battery door/latch at least once before I'm able to power on (by holding the TCU power button for a couple of seconds like normal). I've cleaned and...
  6. Cannikin

    Unused ports on 2.1 motor?

    I found this on page 148 of the service workbook: Front/rear lights... interesting. And one called "E-Bike". Is this maybe for future functionality where you'll actually turn lights on and off via some switches in the cockpit? Anyone try probing these ports to see if there's any voltage present?
  7. R

    Can't start my Turbo Levo 2019

    Hi there Was on a ride on sunday, the bike switched off two times. Could start i both times immediatley. Pluged it at home, fully charged it, and then couldn't start it again. When I close the Power Plug (the thing that i have to close after I pluged the cable on :-)), the TCU beeps, the lights...
  8. A

    HELP Need advice on custom e-bike, faulty

    Hi, everyone just quickly introduce myself before i get to the nitty gritty, im avichayil im 31 and live in the UK iv been researching e-bikes for several months now even built a diy kit for a friend 1000w 48v so iv got basic knowledge on e-bikes. so a friend recently come to me about his e-bike...