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  1. B

    Levo SL Gen 1 Levo SL Gen 2: Are You Happy?

    So, after the dust has settled, are you happy with your new Levo SL Gen 2? I guess the question is, is the new motor really much of an improvement from the 35 Nm to a 50 Nm? On paper, it sounds good, but I'm wondering if it really is all that noticeable. I ride a Kenevo SL with the 35 Nm motor...
  2. L

    Levo SL Gen 1 Levo SL Gen 2 fork travel

    I’m building up a Gen 2 Levo SL from a frameset. I have all the parts, but only have 180mm forks, which I’m hesitant to use. I’m wondering if anyone has over-forked their Levo SL to 180 or 170 and how it went? If so, what configuration of wheel size/flip chips worked best?
  3. 2023 Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon review

    2023 Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon review

    Specialized was among the first offering a mild lightweight emtb with the original 2020 Levo SL. One could argue a 18-19 kg emtb isn’t Super Light. But it’s light enough to offer a very different riding experience compared to the +/- 25 kg full fat bikes. Watch our video review or keep reading...
  4. 2023 Specialized Levo SL ll – It’s finally here!

    2023 Specialized Levo SL ll – It’s finally here!

    I really enjoyed the old Levo SL. It did feel less capable than many other lightweight emtbs that came after. And I had no problem with that, if you wanted more burly, there’s the Kenevo SL. It appears Specialized have changed this though. Fork travel is up by 10, to 160 mm while rear travel is...
  5. M

    Rock shox super deluxe

    Hello community. I am looking to buy a rock shox super deluxe ultimate coil RCT for my levo sl. I’ve found two online. one says it’s for a ibis and another doesn’t, they both have the same specs and eye to eye and shock length. But the ibis one is over £100 cheaper. What’s the reason for the...
  6. St4nley

    Seat Post insertion, can you over insert.

    Bike is Levo Sl medium Expert carbon 2021, Seat post is 170 mm x fusion manic, measures 516 mm overall including actuator. Seat post insertion measure 245 mm on the frame, with the 170 mm x Fusion manic seat post, to get my correct saddle height leaves exactly 243 mm of seat post inserted...
  7. SimonUK

    Levo SL Gen 1 Levo Sl comp aluminium missing mudflap.

    Hi Gents, Interesting product to protect Levo SL linkage from mud and stones. Specialized never made one for Comp aluminium version, but the product was always available for Carbon models. The mudflap is 3D printed from rubber, attached to the frame with two bolts and does an excellent job...
  8. Cannikin

    Levo SL Gen 1 Turbo Levo SL: squeak on big jumps, not from suspension

    So in the last month or so I've developed a pretty big squeak when I launch on bigger jumps...just hopping on flat ground doesn't seem to cause it, it's only if I hit something fairly big. My assumption was the front or rear suspension, but I've since swapped them both out and I've got the...
  9. L

    Levo SL Gen 1 Removing dropper post from Levo SL

    I'm going to be replacing the X-Fusion Manic dropper post in my Levo SL Expert with a Reverb AXS. Are there are any tweaks or surprises involved with removing the dropper post? I've seen some posts about dropper post cable routing in the Levo, but no posts about the Levo SL. Thanks.
  10. Smeer

    Other Switch from Levo to Levo SL?

    I bought my Levo in October of last year, and I absolutely love the bike. I suffer from anhidrosis, so I can not sweat. With the ebike, I can control my heart rate, and prevent overheating. I get out 3 - 5 times a week, for rides around 15-20km with 700-1000 meters of elevation. I wasn't able to...
  11. I

    Levo SL Gen 1 Size L Invisiframe Gloss Kit for sale - unopened

    Hi, Invisiframe for 20/21 Specialized Turbo Levo SL - gloss finish. Size Large. RRP £79.99 will take £65 posted if anyone interested. Cheers
  12. B

    Levo SL Gen 1 AXS Electronic Shifting on Levo SL or Any EMTB Really

    All, I just bought a 2021 Levo SL Comp Carbon and have taken it for a few rides. I've noticed that it is extremely difficult to downshift when going uphill (ya ya downshift before you hit the hill but what about when the hill changes grades mid climb?) without putting a lot of strain on the...
  13. DarrenCC

    For Sale (BIKE) 2020 Specialized Levo SL Carbon Comp Large : £5300

    Bike / Product Year: 2020 Manufacturer: Specialized Model: Levo SL Carbon Comp Asking Price: £5300 Location Redbourn, Hertfordshire UK Description Transferable warranty for the next owner, bought July 2020 This bike is in fantastic condition and has had very little use as I unfortunately...
  14. B

    Levo SL Gen 1 Turbo Levo SL - issue flashing lights help

    I’m having an issue with charging my main battery. The changing indicator on the bike flashes red/blue. Anyone know what this is? Battery issue Computer issue Engine All of the above? appreciate some knowledge around this Thanks!
  15. B

    Levo or Levo SL - can't decide

    Hello, I'm looking to buy my first emtb but can't decide between the full fat Levo or Levo SL. I'm currently riding a Trek Remedy 8 but borrowed a friends SL recently and loved it. I don't currently have a car so I'd like to combine a trail bike with something I could also commute on (I was...
  16. Shinn

    Howdy Everyone.

    I've been lurking around for a bit and thought I'd attempt to overcome my anti-social tendencies. I bought my first Emtb earlier this year after having a pacemaker installed, in addition to having both my hips replaced in 2017 I find I appreciate the assistance. Sold my Haibike All Mountain...
  17. L

    Looking for Turbo Levo Sl Carbon In Medium

    Looking for my project bike Levo Sl. She can be a 2020 or 2021. Carbon Comp or Expert, new or used. $$$ ready, Lee NY USA
  18. L

    In Need Of Turbo Levo SL Battery Charger

    I need a battery charger for the SL ASAP ! Lee USA
  19. iNviKtiS

    Levo SL Gen 1 Specialized LEVO/SL websites seems to be updating with new informations as its currently down!

    I noticed last night they released a new Turbo video on Youtube and I've been monitoring their website today. Levo and SL pages are suspiciously down...
  20. C

    Levo SL Gen 1 Levo SL Comp wheelset replacement options

    About to splash on a Levo SL Comp. These wheels from Hunt look like a good option to save some weight on the stock Roval Traverse? Assume it's a simple swap over? Anyone upgraded their wheelset on their SL Comp...