1. ohadbenita

    Levo Gen 2 2nd Hand Turbo Levo 2020 - firmware upgrades only at retailers?

    Hi, I've recently purchased a 2nd hand 2020 Turbo Levo Comp. I wanted to upgrade the display, motor & battery firmware versions, however the Specialized app issued a message asking me to go to a retailer to do this. Anyone aware of why is it? Any way to overcome this without going to a retailer?
  2. M

    St unlocker problem

    Hi all I need help with st unlocker!!! I’ve got a canyon spectral on 8.0. E8000 I have down loaded app and can connect via Bluetooth but can’t quite workout how to down grade firmware. Obvs I’m looking for the market change to US but it won’t let me unless I’m missing something obvious??? Do I...
  3. Specialized Rider Care


    EXCITING FIRMWARE "UPDATES" (UPDATED 09/03/2021) Thanks to the help of our beta testers once again today we released our newest motor firmware 7.4.2 for 2.1 Motors available via Mission Control Over The Air Updates. The OTA process has been further improved and firmware developed with the...
  4. Rob Rides EMTB

    The Official BLEvo Thread

    With many members now using BLEvo I thought that we could use this thread for all discussion, FAQ etc on it. Great that we have the developer of BLEvo @PaoloBLEvo now registered to answer any questions or to give feedback to. Welcome Paolo and thanks for joining.
  5. Mountie

    Turbo Levo - New Firmware Battery Savings

    This is by no means scientific just two rides to compare first on the old software second on the new firmware. Both on the same trail network. Old firmware Distance 51kms Climbing 560 meters Time 2hours 58 mins Battery remaining 6% New firmware Distance 53.4kms Climbing 504 meters Time 3...