Introducing the new Thok Gram and Gram RC

Intended Use
Super Enduro
Shimano EP8
630 Wh
Fork Travel
170-180 mm
Rear Travel
170 mm
claimed 23.3-23.6 kg size M, no pedals
Do you think Thok need more 170 mm travel emtbs? Great news, here is one more, the new Thok Gram. Watch me talk about the bike, or continue reading below.

We’ve previously tested the Thok TK01 and the new Thok Gram is similar in some ways. Both offers 170 mm suspension travel and both comes with the Shimano EP8 motor. So, why do Thok need two such bikes? The new Gram is the high-end version of their Super Enduro bike. It gets a new carbon frame with updated geometry. And it’s lighter. The base TK01 had a claimed weight of 24.7 kg. The new Gram is more than a kilo lighter.

The triangle at the head tube is similar to the TK01
The Thok Gram has more triangles in the frame, like this one above the motor.

The Frame​

The front of the frame has a bar between the headtube and downtube, just like the TK01. But the Gram frame has more of these cross bars, one above the motor, and one on top of the seat tube. Thok says these bars stiffen up the frame in all the right places while allowing flex in other parts. I’m thinking this could be a good way to stiffen up a frame that has a big battery opening in the downtube without adding too much weight.

The Thok Gram RC gets electronic shifting
The Thok Gram models have an easily detachable battery.

Motor and battery​

The Gram comes with the Shimano EP8, aka the EP800. As Shimano starts delivering the new EP801 motor in higher numbers, I guess Thok will switch to the newer motor. Regardless, these are both comfortable motors that are easy to control on rough trails, even at maximum assistance.

Both Gram models are fitted with the 630 Wh Shimano battery. Many competitors use a 700-750 Wh battery these days. And that’s fine by me. It’s good to have options. 630 Wh will be enough for many people. Buying a bike with a slightly smaller battery saves money and weight.

A detachavble battery in the downtube.
2023 Thok Gram
c01 THOK Gram RC sfondo bianco laterale LR.jpg

Thok Gram​

Price: £6.990 (€6.290 ex VAT)
The base model has a mullet setup with a 27.5” wheel at the back and a 29er up front. Suspension travel is 170 mm at both ends. Thok claim the weight is just 23.6 kg for size M. And they say the bike can carry 140 kg, which means the total permittable system weight is about 163.5kg, which is a lot!

Frame geometry looks sorted with a 64* head tube angle and 450 mm long chainstays. A 1.246 mm wheelbase for size M seems fine, not the most extreme for a 1170 mm travel bike. The £6.990 price tag is a bump up from the alloy TK01, as expected for a high-end carbon model.

2023 Thok Gram specs
Thok Gram geometry

Thok Gram RC​

Price: £8.990 (€8.400 ex VAT)
The top-of-the-line model has mullet wheels too, and 170 mm travel at the back. But not up front. Here we find a 180 mm travel Fox 38 Factory fork. Thok claim the weight is just 23.3 kg for size M and it has the same total permittable system weight of about 163.5kg.

Thok lists the same geometry for the Gram RC, which doesn’t make sense due to the longer fork. According to the seat and head angle is 0.4* slacker. Other measurements are marginally different too, such as wheel base, reach and bottom bracket height.

2023 Thok Gram RC specs
Thok Gram RC calculated geometry

Final words​

Thok always offered well priced aluminium bikes. Now they introduce a model aimed at the high-end segment. Even though it’s a lighter bike with a carbon frame, the high permitted total weight of 163.5 kg leads me to believe this is a rugged and solid bike. It’s not a cheap bike, but prices aren’t bad compared to the competition. The Thok Gram bikes are among the lightest full power emtbs in the 170-180 mm travel Super Enduro category.

The bikes are in stock and ready to be ordered from the Thok website.

Thok Gram RC
Thok Gram RC
Thok Gram RC
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If they switch to using the EP801's, they'll have to switch to the Generation 2 batteries and the new battery mounts at the same time as they're not backwards compatible :
Yeah, I know, I even wrote about it in my Shimano article dec 9th :) That won't be a problem for Thok of course.
Just because you can model in CAD does not mean you should. At speed the deer will go deaf.
Thok lauched the TK 01 with the EP8 after about a month the E 8000 was launched and they were used by Thok history might be repeating itself, will be interesting to see what the Ducati stickered bikes spec will be
Damn, that’s ugly.

My Eyes Pain GIF
I'm not quite sure what they were going for. It looks like it was made from bits lying around on the floor. The top mini triangle looks like it was glued on afterwards after the bike was used with a separate spring shock mounted to isolate steering and suspension. Then the head tube angle looks nothing like the fork angle and gives the impression the whole thing was bent to shape after install.
I'm shore some dudes who like paying excessive sums for an eeb will love this . Oh that's all of us .
Odd that they'd spec GX AXS on the high end build. At least X01. There is a step-up between GX and X01. Less so from X01 to XX1.
As a Thok Point we've had a video tour of these from the guys at the Thok factory in Italy, and they look stunning. We have the first stock pre orders coming in around two weeks, M and L frames so if anyone has some interest please get in touch. We also carry the Mig-R and TK01 alloy models plus hardtails in stock. Retail for the UK is suggested at £6990 to £8990 but we will be able to help forum members with this aspect.