Saw this add for a road bike on Craigs List


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Vintage Peugeot Bicycle-- $150 Or Best Offer
-- Road bike, 12-speed
-- Needs work (tires, shifter and brake cables)
-- Paint still in good condition
-- Model carbolite 103
-- From late 1970's or early 1980's
-- Unused and collecting dust in a garage for years
-- Made in France ... oui oui
-- Could possibly attract a French girlfriend


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I rode a 1970 Peugeot 10 speed (PX10 ?) 50 miles/day when I was a a bit younger and in 1974 crashed hard (broken collar bone and tore off half my scalp) so I have some fond and enduring memories. I lost the bike in a fire about six years ago, but often look at them for sale and one on of these days might buy one and try to build a semi-competent if dated road bike out of it. Or maybe for a wall hanger.


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Oct 18, 2020
I've got a Peugeot touring bike from about 1997 gathering bird shit in the garage. Weighs a ton, really hard gears, and I actually rode it to Santiago de Compostelle (well, pushed it a lot of the way). 1500km. Must have been barking. Ben riding ever since.

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