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Has anyone ever derestricted a Rocky Mountain?


Apr 22, 2020
North Vancouver
Just wondering. Never seen any info on it.
any updates on this - I saw elsewhere in the forums that the answer is "Mountain Tuning Tools" - interestingly they state on the site will not ship to US or Cdn - anybody have any other info; I have a 2019 RM and would really like to know of anyones experiences with it or any options that may exist


Well-known member
Feb 4, 2019
the Mountain Tuning looks like a superior solution and would be my first choice as the "proper" method to derestrict via software.

There is also a PLANET3 option available. I am personally not a fan of speed boxes or mechanical devices that alter the signal from the rear wheel as this creates other problems, but they do seem to work and if your only goal is to defeat the 25kph limit then you will achieve this. But your speed reading and odometer is going to be incorrectly displayed and it is possible this could cause the motor not to run optimally.

Alex @ PLANET3.bike

Active member
Jun 18, 2019
MTT only looks superior until you realize it costs 300 EUR, can only be paired with one bike and never transferred to another and almost certainly voids your warranty. But hey.. that's only my opinion. :)

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