Levo Gen 2 Berkshire Bikes - Full Respect


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Apr 7, 2021
Uk - Scotland
Full respect to Berkshire Bikes
Had a slight Oopsie on my Levo creaking, cracking, split chainstay……..
After much strip down, clean & greasing, sending the shock off for service, changing wheel, left with Frame bearing thoughts, I had a final furrow and adventure, on return I set about changing chain, having ordered frame bearings and tools and patiently waiting for my rear shock…
I was greeting with a cracked/ split chain stay
View attachment IMG_0580.jpeg

Oh the horror!
Phoned the lbs, who are equally awesome and lodged a warranty claim
Fully aware, Specialized are somewhat slower than normal means many days off

Sat at home when I should be out on bike, I phoned Berkshire Turbo and enquired….
Whilst not a new, I have been able to source a used replacement - Perfect!

Bearing replacement parts started arriving, so what better substitute, than a bike tear down

View attachment IMG_0583.jpeg

All frame bearings replaced, more a thought, than a bad job!

Sitting back waiting on who’s first to deliver - Specialized or Berkshire Turbo - (I know where my thought lie)
With the luck of the postal service, I can see me back on bike by the weekend

Overjoyed at courtesy, prompt service received & entirely grateful!
Thank you Berkshire Turbo

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