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Dec 22, 2018
Hello All,
Since there was'nt much going on in the KTM section, I thought I'd add my imput.
Perhaps, KTM isn't as well known/distributed in the UK?
I started of a few years back with a hardtail Macina Action. Shortly after, all manufacturers went to more integrated styles (motor, battery), and since I was geared towards enduro anyway, I upgraded to the Kapoho 271, one of the first to take delivery in Belgium for that model.
I choose to keep with Bosch, as this type is so widespread that any parts should be widely available in years to come.
Changes in the meantime:
- 2.8 Minion DHR/F - with sealant (due to al too frequent punctures)
- as I kept hitting rocks&roots - shorter cranckarms
- for the same reason, added spacers to the rear shock, as even at max PSI, it still sagged over 30%
- After 1000km, the main bearing failed, even though I never washed the bike with pressure. Complete motor change under warranty, no questions asked.
- bought a second battery + backback for the powerpack. This doubles your horizon on what you can participate in

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