trek powerfly

  1. C

    Powerfly Trek Powerfly4 speed/mileage off

    This spring we bought my wife a size small Powerfly4 Gen3. It is completely stock with the Purion controller. As a size small, it's on the 27.5 wheels. I suspect the controller maybe be set for 29 wheels. Is there a way I can check wheel diameter without taking it into the shop? I don't...
  2. M

    Ludicrous speed

    So I have had the Trek Powerfly 5 for almost a week. First of all it doesnt know what a hill is on my commute. I have it set on tour and it feels like turbo on my old active plus motor. Does it increase torque with pedal input in tour mode. Anyway in turbo wow its like ludicrous speed. Obviously...
  3. DerekDoran

    Looking forward to getting out there!!

    After ages and ages reading posts, reviews and YouTube, I’ve eventually decided what I want. I’ve paid my deposit on a Trek Powerfly 4 and can’t wait to get out on the trails! I used to run the hills so cycling them (with a bit of assistance) should be fun.
  4. Wezaero

    Trek Powerfly 9.9 battery fault. No warranty.

    Hi guys , I recently purchased a Powerfly 9.9 2019. Unfortunately the battery has recently packed in. It’s a £500 for a replacement and it’s something I’m not really prepared to do. So I am cutting my losses and selling my bike. It’s a 2019 Powerfly 9.9 Carbon everything!! 850 miles. rrp...