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  1. B

    Levo SL Gen 1 Levo SL Gen 2: Are You Happy?

    So, after the dust has settled, are you happy with your new Levo SL Gen 2? I guess the question is, is the new motor really much of an improvement from the 35 Nm to a 50 Nm? On paper, it sounds good, but I'm wondering if it really is all that noticeable. I ride a Kenevo SL with the 35 Nm motor...
  2. joshtammi

    Kenevo SL wobbly crank arm - repairable or not

    So I went to go diagnose a pedal being a bit grindy today and realise my actual whole crank is loose on the drive side, such that it wobbles perpendicular to the rotational axis. I thought maybe the crank came loose but it was tight to 50nm. So I removed it and found the actual bolt with the...
  3. The Specialized Kenevo SL - more powerful, less expensive!

    The Specialized Kenevo SL - more powerful, less expensive!

    Specialized was among the first to make a mild, lightweight full suspension emtb, the Levo SL. I very much enjoyed riding this bike. But I liked the Kenevo SL even more. This was a more capable bike on the descents while still being a light and nimble bike. 2022 Specialized Kenevo SL 2024...
  4. N

    Kenevo SL Kenevo SL brake hose - threading

    Hi Thinking of changing the rear brake on the KSL and wondered if anyone had managed it without dropping the motor and battery? Could you perhaps thread the new outer using the old one to pull it through? I read about connecting the two outers by using a tandem brake inner because that’s long...
  5. MrMarzocchi

    Kenevo SL Kenevo SL brake change - easy?

    Has anyone changed their brakes on their Kenevo SL, was it difficult? Wondering if I can get some info on changing the rear one and how to feed the hose through the frame Thanks
  6. MrMarzocchi

    Kenevo SL Has anyone changed their dropper post on their Kenevo SL?

    To a shorter one that fits? Do you have pics..kenevo
  7. MrMarzocchi

    Kenevo SL What brake post mount do you need for Hope Floating Rotor.

    Hope got me to buy the wrong one...Kenevo rotor hits the SRAM caliper 🤦‍♂️ the rotor is 200mm
  8. MrMarzocchi

    Kenevo SL Can't Wait For Summer

  9. chris.raffard

    Kenevo Gen1 2022 Specialized Kenevo SL YouTube link

    New 2022 kenevo SL