1. manuwen

    Dengfu E69 Frame - Bafang M820 (lightweight)

    I recently got a datasheet for the Dengfu E69 Frame Kit (for Bafang M820). Designed for 540Wh or 720Wh battery. Seems like a very interesting alternative to the Lightcarbon LCE930 and other lightweight E-Bike builts with the Bafang M820. Has anyone here already ordered the Dengfu E69? If so...
  2. Gd3fit

    Bought the SPEEDi e-MTB speed limit increase for my 9.7 EXe

    Someone mentioned this SPEEDi over in the megathread and after some debate on if I really wanted this, I bit the bullet and purchased. Neale, the owner? who runs NLS components let me know they offer the "caps" for both the Bontrager freehub and DT370 (which I use for my mullet). I was able to...
  3. Jakub

    Hi there! Greetings from Switzerland!

    My name is Jakub. I came from Poland, but live in Switzerland together with my family. Currently I ride an all-mountain bike from Breezer - with a full suspension. I enjoy mountain riding in the local area - Jura Mountains. I took a decision to buy my first e-bike, seeing such a lot advantages...