1. Shimano Cues - New 9/10/11 speed lower tier drivetrain components

    Shimano Cues - New 9/10/11 speed lower tier drivetrain components

    Almost 2 years ago, Shimano introduced Linkglide. With lots of new innovations focusing on life span which is theoretically three times longer and shifting smoothness and performance. Whilst this was great news for EMTBers, it did mean that the vast and expansive shimano range became even...
  2. B

    Electronic Shift Systems and E-Bike Drivetrain Longevity

    I posted a similar thread in the Specialized forum but I think this is more of a general question as it can really apply to all EMTBs. I am competent at reducing the torque on my cranks when I downshift on hills on a regular MTB, but I have found it essentially impossible to downshift on a hill...
  3. B

    Levo SL AXS Electronic Shifting on Levo SL or Any EMTB Really

    All, I just bought a 2021 Levo SL Comp Carbon and have taken it for a few rides. I've noticed that it is extremely difficult to downshift when going uphill (ya ya downshift before you hit the hill but what about when the hill changes grades mid climb?) without putting a lot of strain on the...
  4. PabloNZ

    Oval chain rings?

    Is anyone running an oval chain ring on their emtb? From what little I understand about them they help to even out the power transfer from the crank to the chain for a smoother ride. But do you think smoothing that power transfer would also have a tangible effect on chain/component wear (less...
  5. PeteIOM

    Answered 9 speed to 11

    My Scott is Shimano 9 speed. I have a complete XT 1x11 set knocking about... any reason I wouldn't be able to swap it over? I'm guessing the Shimano 9 speed hub can take the 11 speed?