1. andronin

    Kenevo SL Creaking headset

    Noticed a creaking coming from the Headset area of my Kenevo SL. Only noticing it when going over rough terrain at slow speed < 15kph, above that I do not hear it, but it could just be drowned out by the rest of the noise. Is this common on a 2 month old bike as in needs its post sales service...
  2. C

    Haibike Hardnine 7 creaking/clicking issue

    I have a Haibike Hardnine 7 bike which uses the Yamaha PW-ST motor and is less than a month old. For around a week it’s developed a creak when pedalling under pressure or standing and seems to be from the crank/motor area. I’ve been on Facebook groups trying to get suggestions and acted upon...
  3. R

    Creaking Shimano Micro Spline solution

    Hi guys If you experience annoying creaking from your Shimano Micro Spline hub there is a simple solution for this. Take a look at these video. 1. Identifying the sound and solution 2. Instructions My hub is now silent. Just needed greasing as it was bone dry. Btw: if you by any chance...
  4. BOTG

    Haibike all mtn 7. Creaking is bad, going through a check list to fix it. [video]

    We will get this sorted.. Thanks to community members for suggestions.
  5. BOTG

    Haibike Creaking. Driving me insane (Video)

    Haibike Creaking, I have ticked off a few elements to try and source the issue. Yesterday, I removed and clean motor cover and greased all screw and bolts. Removed both crank arms and cleaned them up and seals cleaned. Removed both pedals and re greased them, Regreased bearing in the headset...
  6. Essex turbo rider

    2019 to 2021 Turbo Levo 2020 Turbo Levo noise after new motor fitted. Hope the attached link works. 2020;Turbo Levo Comp 2 weeks after a new motor fitted under warranty. This sound is louder when under pressure. I am waiting on Specialized to get back to me but wondered if anyone has had...
  7. Essex turbo rider

    Creaking sounds when under pressure. Turbo Levo Comp 2020

    iCloud The attached link shows the issue I am having. It’s noticeable when climbing or pushing hard. Any ideas welcome. steve.
  8. Nvigr8

    Cannondale habit neo 2 creaking

    Hello all. I've got a Carbondale habit neo 2 with a creaking issue in the motor area. Wanted to know if about others with this ebike have similar issues. It's got a bosch performance line cx bolted in. Happens when I put force to the crank, but not all the time, intermittently. I've ruled...
  9. BigJim

    Creaking bolt on Bosch Performance CX

    I've narrowed down the creak to the rear bolt. Tightened it and it cures the creak for about 100miles but then the creak returns. I've taken the motor out and I've noticed the foam between the bolt and the motor case is perished. Should I aim to replace that, or remove it completely? If...
  10. P

    Irritating clicking noise (worse under pedal load) on 2020 S-Works Levo - finally solved

    I upgraded my 2018 S-Works Levo for the 2020 model last August and things were going really well until recently when I started to experience a clicking sound. This noise seemed to be coming from around the motor area when putting initial pressure on the left crank. The clicking then started to...