bosch purion

  1. I

    Bosch Purion dead pixels

    Hello community. I have a problem with the display of my electric bike, a Haibike Sduro Hardnine 4.0 2019. The display is a Bosch Purion, and as you can see from the pictures, after I turn it off, a few pixels remain lit on my display. After I turn it on, they turn off, but they are no...
  2. spudkopf

    Looking for security sicker Bosch Kiox upgrade kit

    G'day I upgraded the Purion on my Rail 5, to a Kiox and promptly managed to loose the small security sticker that is supplied in the kit, I know it's not much of a deterrent, however I would still like to add this sticker nonetheless. I tried contacting Bosch for a replacement, but they said it...
  3. mmgg

    Bosch Purion blinking (resetting)

    Hi ebike community! A few days ago I was riding in deep snow and just when I was finishing my ride the motor started shutting out and then turning on again. The display was blinking. For 1 second it was on and motor was running and then for about 2-3 seconds it was off and so was the motor...