Bosch Purion blinking (resetting)


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Feb 18, 2023
Hi ebike community!

A few days ago I was riding in deep snow and just when I was finishing my ride the motor started shutting out and then turning on again.
The display was blinking. For 1 second it was on and motor was running and then for about 2-3 seconds it was off and so was the motor.
It felt like it was resetting.
I pressed on/off button for a few seconds and it turned off and removed the battery.
Then I waited for a day for everything to dry off completely.
Today morning I wanted to test it and it was "resetting" too.
Turned it off again and prepared to wash the bike to get it to the LBS.
I just wanted to do the last test and checked it is still resetting.
At first it was then after a few re-sets it came on and stayed on.

I went for a quick test ride 3 times and now it seems everything is ok. It works as expected.

Anyone experienced a similar issue? Should I be worried?

I ride Scott Ransom eRide 910 2021 with Bosch Performance Line CX motor.

Thanks for your answers/advice!

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