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  • Paolo,
    Absolutely love recording and reviewing rides on Belevo App. Unfortunately I lost all my rides and settings when i changed phone.
    My Levo is destricted - what should I set the speed setting to? I have searched everywhere but can't find a recommended setting. thanks
    I am going to get a secondary dedicated phone to run BLevo on my bike. It seems even though I hv already purchased the BLevo app if I go to download the app to another phone I have to purchase the app again for each phone. Is this true or is there a way for the same user to move the BLevo app to a secondary phone without having to purchase it again?
    I am currently using my main Samsung phone on a Rokform Pro mount for BLevo on my bike. While it works well I want to get an inexpensive dedicated phone to mount on my bike to run the BLevo app. I hv determined that the Blackview BV 4900 Pro would be a good fit. Has anyone used this phone on their bike running the BLevo app? If so how has it worked out?
    Hi Paolo,

    I purchased a Turbo Levo Comp Alloy 2022, Gen3 engine, but with the same MCU as the Gen2, I'm not sure if the BLEVO app will work. I read your discussion regarding compatibility on the new models, and I am in doubt considering that the 2 new models in Alloy will come with the previous MCU. I await your feedback.

    Best Regards

    Hi Hugo, I just joined the forum and so I am just seeing ur question. I expect u hv your answer by now but in case not, I can confirm that the BLevo app in Android works on a 2022 Turbo Levo Comp Alloy with the Gen 2 TCU. I hv that same bike and I am using the BLevo app. It is great.
    Hi Paolo you guessed it I'm a newbie to the forum so I'm after a little help.
    My Levo Turbo FSR 2019 is fitted with Planet 3 and using Blevo app I have no problems as such she runs like a dream but I have a niggle. When I start up it always defers to Trail mode & I would like it to start up in Eco must be user but
    not enough knowledge yet to sort it , help appreciated.
    BLEvo, will the Ruota work with the 2019 Levo?
    I need more speed on the flat to stay with my roadies mates!
    The 2018 was fine after I hacked the wheel size to 800 - can I achieve that on the 2019?
    Did you get Blevo to work on new Levo?
    I just changed the battery on the turbo levo and the dealer upgrade my Fw for battery and motor. and now BLEvo does not want to connect or the new battery can not be detected. Bike scan not find any bike. Battery Fw is 4.23.1 motor Fw 5.4.0. I already reinstall BLEvo but no luck. Anyone with similar problem? Bt work because i can connect to Mission Control. What could have been wrong.
    My bike: Turbo Levo HT 29 ,
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