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    Fuel EXe Official Trek Fuel EXe Megathread!

    The other thing to keep in mind is we all believe that Trek's year runs from Jan to Dec but nobody actually knows. Mine is S for 2022 but the date is 311th day of the year so it must be the 311th day of 2021 (it can't be the 311th day of 2022 as thats the 7th Nov)
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    Fuel EXe Official Trek Fuel EXe Megathread!

    Hi, I found this online. S at the end is 2022. R is 2021. UPDATE: I called again and got a much shorter estimated wait time so I stuck it out. The rep said that the first three digits after the "WTU" represent the production day (so "045" would be the 45th day of the year), the two letters in...
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    Answered 29 versus 27.5 in terms of power

    I thought this was common knowledge, 29" wheeled bikes are faster climbing and on the flat. There is a reason why XC racers all race on 29ers
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    2022 Trek Rail 9.8 Bosch motor cuts out

    Owner of 22 9.8XT, FWIW I have had no issues with motor shutoff or battery noise. My rail has the steel bar between the battery mounting ends. I did add a foam damper pad even though I didn't have bad battery noise. Currently 198km on the bike.
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    Rail rear mudguard

    It covers the pivot area, you won't need to worry unless you ride in extreme mud. Test fit it when it arrives and see what you think before cutting some neoprene
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    Fuel EXe Trek Fuel EXe - Trying to understand range and altitude possibilities

    Thanks for that. I weigh the same as you. It’s interesting comparing to my Rail. Todsy on my 9.8XT I did the same 864m elevation, covered 41.35Km though and used 68% battery. will be interested if the range on the EX-E improves as I’d love to try one but the 360wh gives me anxiety.
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    Rail rear mudguard

    I’ve got the rear one from sicomtb. It’s brilliant
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    Any managed to get a discount on the new rail 9.8 9.9’s?

    Here in NZ, couple of the larger chain stores are offering $500 NZD off the 9.8XT. 10% discount on the 2022 Rail 9, 7 and 5.
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    What mud guards are you using, if any?

    very happy with my sicomtb rear guard from the UK. Was quite expensive to get it down here in NZ but keeps the linkage clean which is my main aim. I don't often ride in really wet conditions, but its kept the spring mud off so far.
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    Rail (750Wh) Smart system remote

    No, not with the bosch smart system (Gen 4)
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    Fuel EXe Official Trek Fuel EXe Megathread!

    they are everywhere in New Zealand. In my city the 4 LBS that stock Trek have at least 18 EX-E’s in stock for sale currently. Very little chance of getting a Rail though
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    Rail (750Wh) Rail 9.8XT first ride review

    Went for a ride this morning. A lot more downhill trails with some decent chunk. Super happy again although the standard grips are on their way to the bin. Im doing okay on the Aravada saddle surprisingly. Felt great after this ride and home with 28% battery (from 100%) The whole ride in 60%...
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    Fuel EXe Official Trek Fuel EXe Megathread!

    @Ohozohoz I know what your saying and understand the issue but Trek does have on their website small print that does say changes maybe made to spec due to shortages. I hope the LBS can sort you out My rail came with different tyres to spec but it was only a $40 odd difference. I would be...
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    What tyres? The Ultimate Tyre Thread

    If its Front 2.6, or rear 2.4
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    Fuel EXe Official Trek Fuel EXe Megathread!

    I'd start with reading this thread from page 1...