Review park tool dag-2.2 derailleur hanger alignment gauge



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Product name: park tool dag-2.2 derailleur hanger alignment gauge
Price paid: £55.99
Score (out of 10) 10

Review: The Park Tool dag-2.2 is a relatively new addition to my cycling related tool kit, but it has quickly become one of my favourite tools, and also one that I should have purchased many years ago.

There are several cheaper versions of this tool on the market, which I am certain sure are equally as good, but I had my heart set on the Park Tool version. Sharing the cost between a trusted friend, is also a superb way of buying one, as they aren't on the cheap side of things.

It is easier for me to share a clip of how to use it, than have me trying to explain it, but what I will say is that it takes all of the guess work and frustration out gear selection issue. A tool that I would now not want to be without.


Rob Hancill

Staff member
Jan 14, 2018
Surrey, UK
Levo Expert
Looks good. Sharing costs is a great idea too, I’ve got so many tools that I barely get any use out of (headset press, wheel truing tool etc) that cost a fair bit to purchase. Sharing that eases the pinch a little!
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