Yeti Power!!!!!!


Feb 28, 2018
Oregon USA
Why wouldn't they? Better late than the never some companies are stuck with so as not to offend their base. When you see a Transition or Evil eMTB you'll know that they are finally bro stream


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Jan 13, 2020
What's your source?
I’ll just leave this here ?



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Dec 6, 2019
Been running a Yeti 575 with a TSDZ2 for over 2 years, belter of a bike. It was an older 26 er but converted it to 27.5 at the same time.
HD, lots of oomph but lots of weight :giggle:
Heavy it is mate.., and almost agricultural in handling..! Used to it now and really enjoy my biking, though certainly a learning curve for for a while. Usually use just up to level 3 out of 5 overall. Plus very handy to know there's still plenty more if needed:giggle:
The uppy downy, rocky rooty trails here in Norway can be a little demanding for my skill level. But luvin' the challenge ! An upgrade to 27.5 sounds a good move, perhaps with 2.6" up front. Are you running 10 gears on those or did you manage to fit 11 ? And how do you like the TSD72 ? Looks a little more sophisticated than the Bafang.


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Dec 6, 2019
The TDSZ2 is really cool compared to the BBS02 I had, ( you can program the Bafung to be really good but without a torque sensor, all you've got really is a throttle to fine tune ), much much better in fact once you adopt the Freeware available, it really is in the Bosch league. The later versions of the freeware even has a totally user settable Emtb mode like the latest Gen 4 engines. For £ 250 notes its great value. Loads of options coming along as well like colour screens and a very small handlebar display.

Using a 36T front on a 10spd ( wider chain ) 11 -42T rear gear. Yup easier to buy a 29er front fork with 2.6 on 27.5, on the rear I had to do some surgery on the upper links and reduce the shock stroke by 5mm to be able to get a 2.4 on a 27.5 rim.

Even with an engine on, its still way lighter than say a Rail by some margin and still feels much like a 575.
Sounds a good buy. Seen all options on the net, looks sweet. But have 3 bikes with BAFANG. 1 YETI. 1 SONDER EVOL both HD and a lovely 2007 WHYTE with 750.
Yes.., ride them all I’m afraid.!
So will be a while before l change l should think.
I wondered how those wheels fitted on the Yeti?


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Dec 6, 2019
Yup have a Whyte T129 ( really easy conversion ) with a TSDZ2 on as my bike and the Yeti as the good ladies.

The TSDZ2 engine is being developed into a cracking little safe 6ooW 110Nm engine by a dedicated band of " hackers " who seem to have far too much knowledge about these things and are right at the forefront of where these type of engines are going.


Mar 24, 2019
Been running a Yeti 575 with a TSDZ2 for over 2 years, belter of a bike. It was an older 26 er but converted it to 27.5 at the same time.
Does a battery fit inside the frame or does it have to be backpack? I looked at the 575 a while back as if the shock was turned round I'm looks viable


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Jan 6, 2021
Hey, I wrote this article and I just want to provide some detail on this bike.

I wrote 4 articles on this patent; each article is a distinct embodiment that Yeti wants to protect. The first two articles provide supporting suspension designs that work with this new e-bike, the first being a 6 bar system with a Watts system, the second being a Chebyshev system. In the case of this E-bike (4th article), Yeti's novelty is a suspension system that is incorporated into the gearbox assembly and the front triangle. This should simplify the design and reduce weight.

If you want to read about them, or other cool new bike tech, check out my site at and please follow along on whatever your chosen platform is.

Thanks everyone!

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