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Stunlocker, quick question.

Peaky Rider

E*POWAH Master
Feb 9, 2019
Derbyshire Dales
I've just used Stunlocker to up the support, in trail, on my Canyon Spectral On (E8000). At the same time, my Focus Jam 2 (also E8000) on the other side of the garage also updated itself to the same level of support, even though it was not turned on.
I've done several updates to each bike to check and every time the other bike, even though not turned on, mirrored the changes. They were around eight foot apart
Anyone know if this is normal or is my garage the potential basis of a Steven King novel?


🦾 The Bionic Man 🦿
Jan 15, 2021
You have entered the Twilight Zone! 😆

3 Shimano motors here E8000, Ep8RS and full Ep8 and it doesn't change the others when I make changes. Weird one for certain but E8000 is the common element,,, 🤔

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